4 In 1 dns derma roller

4 In 1 dns derma roller Put roller in mind

Where you can purchase a dermaroller?

You can buy out of your local dealer/store. Or shop on this web site. Click the link to see all of the derma rollers for purchase online

Dermaroller factory direct selling

MOQ: Minimum order quantity.

For the derma rollers, MOQ will be over 5pcs. Because we’re selling at really low cost. Each transaction involves bank fee and shipping &handling cost. We can’t to pay for to market 1 computers or 2 computers of dermaroller at such cost. Besides, derma roller is consumable products. It seems sensible to keep couple of more for future usage. If you purchase more, you will get lower cost as well as save shipping cost.

Would you supply diet products?

No, we do not. We’re focused on manfaucturing aesthetic machines. We do not produce cosmetics. Besides, liquid goods are prohibited for air shipping.

Why your dermarollers aren’t frees shipping?&

As factory directly selling, we ensure the best cost on the market. There’s no commission fee with no hidden charges. Our prices product is transparent and reasonable. Different countries has different shipping rate. Different package weight also lead to completely different shipping rate. There exists a network of logistic providers (DHL/FEDEX/UPS) which make sure the best shipping rate, fastest shipment and reliable service.
For those who have other information on the shipping method, please contact our customer care .


  1. 300 needle with .5mm needle length is perfect for crows feet, the suggested treatment interval is three days.
  2. 720 Needles with 1.0mm is perfect for face anti-ageing, skin regeneration and bovine collagen stimulation treatment, the suggested treatment interval is 1 days.
  3. 1200 Needles with 1.5mm is perfect for body stretchmarks, severe cases, deep scars and wrinkles, rejuvenation of destroyed skin, the suggested treatment interval is ten days


1. What’s Microneedling?
Microneedling is really a non-invasive procedure which involves utilizing a dermaroller which has many fine, very sharp medical quality needles. The moving action within the skin causes fine holes punctured in to the deep layers of your skin. This promotes your skins own healing mechanisms to stimulate new bovine collagen growth, improve skin texture and reduce the look of scarring and wrinkles.

2. Does microneedling hurt?
Different body areas won’t be with same sensitivity – facial areas have a tendency to need numbing with smaller sized dermaroller needle length, other body areas like thighs might not require numbing.
Making use of your roller lightly gives a type of tickling feeling and isn’t painful. You might find that there’s a brief reddening of your skin for approximately one hour after treatment also it can provide a sensation much like mild sunburn. We advise using vitamin wealthy treatment cream after use and sun block / block if you are uncovered towards the sun after treatment.

3. Is Derma Roller treatment safe?
Yes, it’s. “Non-surgical and non-ablative” means skin friendly treatment. You have little if any discomfort, downtime and chance of complications. Original Dermal Roller is registered & licensed. Also there’s no permanent damage caused towards the skin during microneedling. The micro-injuries produced through the dermaroller will trigger the skin to resume itself, making the skin much healthier & youthful.
Don’t accept treatments made by cheap Rollers with low quality needles which might cause skin drag, allergy or scare tissue.

4. What areas may be treatable using the dermaroller?
Microneedling could be transported by helping cover their a Roller on almost any area of the body: the arms, hands, legs, thighs, body, abdomen, neck, face, cheekbones, scalp, even around the eye region – for example crow’s ft and frown lines. However, you shouldn’t use dermaroller only in your lips and eyelids (your skin there’s very thin & you risk damaging your skills with dermaroller).

5. Who’s appropriate for that procedure?
The one that with stretchmarks, wrinkles, scars, cellulite, hair thinning, uneven complexion, acne scarring and enlarged pores are as a result of insufficient bovine collagen are appropriate for that treatment, so using a Derma Roller to exchange the bovine collagen you can assist the skin renew and repair itself to some cosmetic level. Derma Roller therapy, also referred to as micro needling, is definitely an all-natural cosmetic procedure which may be completed in enhanced comfort of your home.

6. Who isn’t appropriate for microneedling?
Contraindications and safeguards include:

  • Keloid or seriously elevated scars
  • Eczema, Skin psoriasis, active Acne, Rosacea, or any other chronic skin disorders
  • Actinic (Solar) Keratosis
  • Diabetes (delayed wound healing)
  • Existence of elevated moles, warts, or lesions within treatment area
  • Herpes Simplex or Zoster infections (treatment can trigger breakouts).

Absolute contraindications include:
Scleroderma Bloodstream clotting problems Bovine collagen vascular illnesses Cardiac abnormalities Immunosuppression Active microbial or yeast infections Scars under 6 several weeks old Facial Botox treatment or fillers injected in the last 6 days.

7. Can the Derma roller be practiced on any skin tone?
Since Derma roller doesn’t use thermal heat (unlike IPL & Lasers) it’s dependable on all skin tones and all sorts of skin colors. There’s no recourse of publish-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.

8. How frequently can you’ve got a treatment?
It’ll normally require half an hour for that topical and aesthetic to operate and twenty to thirty minutes for that Micro needle therapy procedure. For Bovine collagen Induction Therapy, we advise to begin with 3 treatments, however with the absolute minimum separation duration of six to eight days between treatments. For Scar Reduction Therapy, typically three to five remedies are suggested, by having an improvement of 70-80%. Unlike ablative procedures for skin only, the Derma roller may be used on all skin areas of the body (neck, décolleté, arms, legs, etc.).

9. How lengthy will it decide to try see results using the dermaroller?
The speed at which you’ll get results depends upon what condition you’re treating and just how extensively the skin must remodel. This method of skin remodeling can go on for literally several weeks after each Derma Roller treatment, but visibly noticeable changes is visible inside a week! The skin naturally renews itself every 40 days, so after some stimulation, changes could be dramatic and fast.

10. How’s the Derma roller procedure performed?
Your skin is cleaned and later on numbed by having an appropriate numbing cream so it shouldn’t hurt whatsoever. Skin is completely needled in a way, that every skin part is needled about 15-20 occasions. A level flushing is the greatest indication for any perfect medical performance.

11. What in the event you do following the treatment?
An expert moisturizing cream / lotion is going to be applied following the procedure to assist soothe and calm your skin, continue using before the redness has removed.& It’s also wise to use a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun block having a SPF 30+. Still apply every day not less than two days even throughout the winter or on cloudy days. Use tepid water to cleanse the face area for an additional 48 hrs and dry lightly, always make certain both hands are clean when touching the treated area. It’s suggested that constitute isn’t requested 12 hrs following the procedure. Following a treatment because the skin begins to regenerate and repair, this could feel drier than usual.

12. Do you know the negative effects of the Derma roller procedure?
The skin will probably redden after use. This will fade inside a couple of hrs. In extraordinary instances, this takes 24 hrs. You will find virtually no bad negative effects, and none have have you been reported in over 150,000 procedures performed worldwide.

13. Is it necessary to make use of a gel or cream?
Sequence facilitates small channels/holes for this to literally enter in the skin – painlessly. Needling stimulates bloodstream flow and bovine collagen re-growth. Skincare products combined with moving are very advantageous. You should use Vit A and C, copper peptides or a top quality, vitamin enriched active component moisturizer.

Many people make use of the numbing cream for cellulite and face needling. Others feel there is no need and declare that the Derma roller is a touch irritating or tickles, and you get accustomed to it, quite simply not painful. So it’s learning from mistakes and differs from one individual to another.

14. Must you sterilize my roller after use?
Yes, it is important to keep the roller inside a sterile and clean condition. Wash in hot flowing water after every use. Then stand mind first in two your plastic cylinder (the roller is available in) of disinfectant for around 30 minutes. Get rid of excess liquid and dry on clean towel or paper towel. Put cap on and store in clean sealed container – provided.
Also never share your dermaroller with someone else because of probable mix contamination.

15. Which kind of disinfectant if you work with?
Just purchase a small bottle of disinfectant in the first-aid portion of your supermarket or pharmacy. Fill your plastic cylinder 1/4 full with disinfectant, and 1/4 water, therefore the cylinder is half full. Put roller in mind first for around 1/2 an hour or so. This sterilizes your roller in addition to plastic cylinder you store it in.

16. How lengthy will the dermaroller last?
Our dermarollers are of top quality, using the good care, it’ll last roughly twelve months. The needles won’t put on out just as much (because they are medical grade). For just one Derma Roller, we recommend you utilize it a maximum of 10 occasions using the proper sterilization after and before every use.

To find the best microneedling practice, you may even require the following products to boost the end result.

Gemstone Dermabrasion:

diamond dermabrasion device at homeExfoliations. Skin peeling, deep skin cleansing
Gemstone Dermabrasion provided a non-surgical skin refinish procedure, by utilizing sterile gemstone heads to abrade or chafe the very best skin layer, then vacuuming the particles together with any dirt and dead skin cells support. Strongly Suggested to make use of before microneedling.

Ultrasound skin scrubber

ultrasonic skin cleansing skin scrubberExfoliations. Skin peeling, deep skin cleansing
Ultrasound skin scrubber causes Strong ultrasound vibration, resulting in the lavation water to obtain mix with sebum, cosmetic residue ect. After which strong vaporization will take away the horny substances ect. Strongly Suggested to make use of before microneedling.


electroporation skin care deviceGreatly enhance beauty diet absorption
Electroporation is really a way (method) of transmitting substances through cell membrane. Electronic pulse manipulates phospholipids bilayer and makes temporary pores at skin layer. Strongly Suggested for cosmetic microneedling.

Brought Phototherapy

LED Phototherapy deviceSkin Rejuvenation & Acne Problems
Therapeutic Brought lights at very specific wavelengths is developed solely with regards to resolving aging, dullness, dark place, blemishes to acne problem. Each wave length penetrates at different depth without any scare tissue. Strongly Suggested to make use of after microneedling.


monopolar RF treatment at homebovine collagen regeneration, skin tightening, skin lifting, skin firming and wrinkle reduction
RF technology offer new scientific rise in management of anti-aging and skin tightening. The move produces controllable heat to cause contraction of bovine collagen and generation of recent bovine collagen and dermal remodeling. Strongly Suggested to make use of after microneedling.


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