5 Advantages of a liquid facelift

5 Advantages of a liquid facelift from the facelift are permanent

5 Benefits of a Liquid Facelift Orange CountyEverybody wants to create a good impression around the people we meet. But some time and gravity aren’t any buddies to the healthiness of the skin we have. As we grow older, the skin we have will begin to lose its elasticity and it is “plumpness” causing us to be look tired and over the age of we really feel. While more serious cases may be treatable having a full facelift, many patients get beautiful results that appear to be totally natural with something known as a “liquid facelift.” Mission Viejo and Oc patients that simply need to “refresh” their face can eliminate wrinkles, get larger lips, and “erase” brow lines without really getting surgery. Call us today at (949) 448-0487 to understand more about this non-invasive, non-surgical approach to searching more youthful, healthier, and well rested.

Exactly what is a Liquid Facelift?

Mission Viejo and Oc women and men possess a couple of different choices to show back both your hands of your time on their own face. Although some patients want more extensive procedures just like a facelift, a number of our patients get absolutely stunning and natural-searching is a result of a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure known as a “liquid facelift.” As possible most likely guess in the name, this process depends on injectable fillers like Juvederm and Botox treatment.

5 Key Reasons to obtain a Liquid Facelift

Mission Viejo and Oc patients which come to Dr. Sikorski for any liquid facelift get 5 important benefits within the traditional, full facelift.

  1. Customizable – Having a liquid facelift, you may choose to obtain just your vision done, just the mouth area, or have Dr. Sikorski carry out the treatment in your whole face. The selection can be both you and your unique needs.
  2. Very fast – Having a liquid facelift, you may be out and in in around an hour. The time to recover is actually nonexistent, and a number of our patients check us out throughout their lunch before returning immediately to operate.
  3. Natural results – Should you not wish to risk getting that “pulled tight” look, you will get very natural results having a liquid facelift.
  4. Cheaper – If you are wishing to appear more youthful on a tight budget, you will get fabulous results having a liquid facelift for much under a complete facelift.
  5. Managing risks – There’s always a danger (even when it’s a little one) with surgery. On the top of this, you will find inevitably scars, and also the results (and mistakes) from the facelift are permanent. While a liquid facelift requires you to return once the injectables put on off, additionally, it means should you not much like your results, they’re not permanent.

Why Use Dr. Sikorski for the Liquid Facelift

Mission Viejo and Oc is among the most esteemed and delightful places to reside. We all know how important it’s to the patients to feel and look their finest. That’s precisely why women and men flock to Dr. Sikorski to allow them to obtain access to a few of the world’s best dermatological treatments. Dr. Sikorski is among just a number of doctors to become certified through the American Board of Skin care. Furthermore, she’s additionally a Diplomat from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, among the greatest honors awarded to cosmetic surgeons.

If you are wishing to obtain world-class is a result of your liquid facelift, then make certain you call us today at our office within the Mission Viejo and Oc area by calling (949) 448-0487. You may also check out our page of patient Before-and-After pictures doing breathtaking be your own boss.

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