Advanced facial peels

Advanced facial peels step in which the

*individual results can vary

Maybe you have wanted that the skin looked tighter, fresher, even had more shine?  Do you want the imperfections of the epidermis didn’t define your thing, which your true original beauty could glow through?  Whether you need to remove sun spots or smooth away fine wrinkles, facial peels present an effective solution for individuals wanting to update their skin.

Exactly what is a facial peel?

A facial peel is really a noninvasive technique that restores wrinkled, blemished, unevenly pigmented, or sun broken skin. Utilizing a chemical means to fix peel away the skin’s top layers, new cells are created throughout the recovery process creating a softer, smoother, tighter and more youthful-searching surface of the skin.

Do you know the treatments?

Skin Dimensions Day Health spa focuses on treatments utilizing a specific Alpha Hydroxy Acidity, referred to as ‘Glycolic Acid’ Here is a listing of peels with added strength utilized by the Soderstrom Skin Institute:

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids – Glycolic Peels
  • Offered in different strengths and concentrations, these peels are administered in a number of three, six, or nine treatments*.
  • Jessner’s Peels
  • Using three mild peeling agents, these peels exposes a brand new layer of rejuvenated skin in only one 2-3 minute process.
  • TCA Peels
  • Much like Jessner’s peels, in this process different concentrations of the mild acidity are applied, peeling from the top layer of skin during a period of a few days.
  • Jessner’s/TCA Peels
  • This can be a combination, medium-depth facial peel performed in 1 step in which the Jessner’s peel is first applied adopted with a TCA peel which corrects more serious sun-damage.

What else must i know?

Maintenance is an extremely important area of the facial peel process.  Pre-peel facial prep, publish-peel homecare regimens along with other ways that you are able to maintain results is going to be discussed on your consultation.  

Soderstrom Skin Institute is proud to solely offer, Skin Dimensions, Senate bill, a type of products formulated with ultra pure, pharmaceutical-grade glycolic acidity to supply maximum effectiveness with minimum irritation. This upscale line contains vitamins A, C, E, eco-friendly tea polyphenols, and Co-Q10 to assistance with minimizing toxin scare tissue. You should regularly use a moisturizing sun block of SPF 30 or even more. These items can be bought at Skin Dimensions Day Spa  locations and thru our online shop.

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*results can vary

Advanced facial peels polyphenols, and CoResourse: care-laser-services/advanced-facial-peels/

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