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Advantages of choosing semi-permanent constitute?

Time saving in daily use of constitute
Doesn’t smudge, doesn’t wash off or run with sweat
Emphasizes facial expression

How lengthy will it take?

Approximately. 1 -2 hrs.
Step One, Consultation & patch test
Step Two, Colour is made the decision, when you are pleased with the fundamental shape & symmetry the very first use of colour will begin.
Step Three, May be the edit that is normally between 4-12 days following the first appointment, this can raise the colour and canopy any patchiness (this really is normal after first session &once healed you should use and eyebrow pencil to disguise& top-up can make more even anyway)many people require a 3rd top-up but very couple of.

What’s going to I seem like following the treatment?

The color could be more intense and more dark compared to selected colour before the skin naturally exfoliates. This usually takes about 5-seven days after which you’ll then begin to see the actual colour. The treated area could be slightly inflamed, red and tender to the touch for the following couple of days.

Is semi-permanent constitute really semi-permanent?

The process is regarded as both permanent & semi-permanent
Permanent since the pigment components will be within the skin, and never visible towards the human eye alone.
Semi-permanent because colour will fade if touch ups aren’t done.

Semi -permanent constitute is appropriate for anybody who would like to have eyebrows professionally formed especially
• Busy women, a shorter period applying constitute
• Athletes who regularly sweat
• Ladies who put on heavy make-up: spmu could be a base and appears good without having any extra top ups.
• Women with thinning or uneven eyebrows
• Women and men experiencing hair thinning through medical reasons.
• People incapable or not really acquainted with applying constitute
• Individuals with allergic reactions to traditional cosmetics: permanent constitute rarely causes allergy symptoms.

Hope this solutions much of your questions xx


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