Best Three anticellulite treatments « myoka

Best Three anticellulite treatments « myoka currents, therefore staying away

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There are lots of anti-cellulite and the body firming solution that will help you get ready for the summer time season. We chose 3 TOP-rated treatments to help you get a great deal nearer to smoother shape and firmer skin.

1. Rf

It’s now broadly recognized that radiofrequency is the greatest presently available technology for non-invasive, non-surgical skin tightening and cellulite removal. Radiofrequency remedies are utilized in appearance in an effort to deliver intense heat to tissues much deeper compared to epidermis for the exact purpose to improve bovine collagen production, circulation and (optionally, based on treatment depth) fat release from individuals tissues.

2. Dermomassager

Combined action of vacuum and roller massage the Dermomassager is really a treatment which will break lower persistent fat reserves which help get rid of the toxins accrued in your body. The therapy works well onto the skin and fat, scars and stretchmarks dwindle visible, and microcirculation reduces swelling. This process is totally non-invasive and safe. It’s recognised among the very best in the decrease in cellulite.

3. Mesotherapy

Electro-mesotherapy also termed as pointless mesotherapy is among the best anti-ageing, skin firming, anti-cellulite and fat sculpting technologies currently available. Electro-mesotherapy facilitates the improved absorption of ingredients in to the skin, via ultrasound and electrical currents, therefore staying away from using needles as well as their negative effects, for example swelling, irritation, discomfort, scarring, infection etc.

Dermomassager Special Packages:

– 30min Session including Vacuum & Roller Massage – Special cost €40

Best Three anticellulite treatments « myoka The therapy works well onto– 55min Session including Exfoliation, Vaccum& Roller Massage and Wrap – Special Cost €65 (rather of €85)

– 85min Session including Exfoliation, Mesotherapy, Vaccum& Roller Massage and Wrap – Special Cost €85 (rather of €105)

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