Botox treatment treatments in bloomfield ct

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Is Botox treatment safe?

Botox treatment continues to be Food and drug administration approved since 2002. Since that time it’s been utilized on millions of patients in 78 countries. The chance of serious negative effects is extremely low. In studies about 3% of individuals experience eye lid drooping. But the risk of negative effects is minimized when a skilled healthcare professional administers the therapy. At Vivesse we simply use board certified injectors who’ve had extensive learning Botox treatment administration.

When am i going to see results?

You most likely won’t see results soon after treatment. Within 24 to 48 hrs an easier appearance is going to be seen. The utmost effect is seen at thirty days.

How lengthy does Botox treatment last?

Allergan, who produces Botox treatment, claims it lasts as much as 4 several weeks. However in our hands the time period of the result is three to six several weeks. Because it wears off you will notice a gentle return of wrinkles. Follow-up treatments is going to be needed to keep its effects.

The number of injections am i going to receive?

The amount of injections differs from person to person and will also be based on our doctors at Vivesse. Generally, for that crow’s ft area, your specialist will inject 3 areas around each eye. For that frown lines area, your specialist will administer 5 injections into muscles inside your brow.

How do i reduce Botox treatment?

Should you sign up for the Brilliant Distinctions program you’ll earn points when given Botox treatment. You are able to redeem these points for savings on additional treatments with Botox treatment or certain other medical cosmetics including Juvederm, Voluma and Kybella.

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