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Caci face & body — the derma sanctuary Immediately plump the lips

A non-surgical facelift and painless cosmetic treatment, CACI uses microcurrent and Brought light box therapy to revive tone of muscle by lifting, toning and redefining facial contours. Additionally, it targets lines, wrinkles and acne which makes it the most important non-surgical anti-aging treatment worldwide.

Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial (120 min)

A sophisticated facial which concentrates on all of your anti ageing concerns. The best incorporates muscle lifting and toning, microdermabrasion, Brought light box therapy, plumping of wrinkles and fine lines along with a hydrating gel mask to refresh and brighten your skin £75.00

Non-Surgical Facelift (55 min)

The non-surgical facelift is definitely an advanced non-invasive facial with two decades scientific research behind it. Micro-current impulses will lift and tone the face muscles although improving skin elasticity and reducing the look of wrinkles and fine lines – delivering visible results without resorting to surgery £55.00

Non-Surgical Facelift – including Hydrotone (75 min)

The non-surgical facelift with micro-current to lift and tone the face muscles before completing having a hydro mask to calm, plump and hydrate your skin £55.00

Non-Surgical Facelift – with Jowl Lift (75 min)

The non-surgical facelift added to the Jowl Lift. Micro-current can be used to lift and tone the face muscles with work performed round the jawline to refine and contour the jowls £55.00

Jowl Lift (20 min)

The CACI Jowl Lift continues to be designed to particularly improve the look of sagging jowls round the jawline. Using Quad Probe applicators, laser hair removal is particularly made to double the amount lifting action by firming your muscle mass and redefining facial contours £33.00

Ultimate Eye Treatment (20 min)

Lifts and tones your muscle mass around the eye region, hydrates and plumps wrinkles, as well as lowering puffiness and under eye circles giving the region a better complexion. Includes microcurrent, very free microdermabrasion and Brought light box therapy £33.00

Jowl Lift & Eye Treatment (45 min)

A well known combination, laser hair removal combines the CACI Ultimate Eye treatment with Jowl Lift to particularly target particular areas £55.00

Ultimate Wrinkle Revolution (20 min)

The non-invasive, needle free option to bovine collagen injections and dermal fillers, laser hair removal uses CACI’s award-winning Amino Lift Peptide Complex with very free microdermabrasion and electrical stimulation incorporated Brought light box therapy – instantly plumping wrinkles and lines from the initial treatment £30.00

Very-Free Microdermabrasion (30 min)

This facial combines very-free microdermabrasion with Brought light box therapy. Exfoliating your skin utilizing a unique technology, reveals an easier and better complexion. Electrical stimulation will target wrinkles and lines, supplying a non invasive option to bovine collagen injections, in addition to healing your skin and triggering tissue repair. Completing using the hydro mask, this facial is ideal for dull dehydrated skin with concentrate on pigmentation and scarring £45.50

Hydrotone Facial (25 min)

A rigorous, anti-ageing hydro mask will instantly rehydrate, revitalise and plump your skin. Hydratone combines active micro-current rollers to revive tone of muscle, firmness and propel the components deep in to the skin by having an immediate cooling effect to assuage and calm any irritation and redness £35.00

Pump Lift Pout (15 min)

Immediately plump the lips while using CACI top rated Amino Lift Peptide Complex and electrical stimulation with red Brought light box therapy £20.00

Active Acne Remedy (25 min)

Brought photo treatments are proven to deal with acne concerns. Blue and red light box therapy is famous for his or her anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing qualities. We use light box therapy to heal your skin and also the hydro mask to provide an immediate soothing and calming action, as well as lowering irritation and redness £30.00

Scarring / Stretchmarks (30 min)

Functions by lightly taking out the dead layer of skin, considerably reducing skin imperfections for example stretchmarks, scarring, pigmentation, dark spots, wrinkles and impurities. Departing the skin smooth and obvious, Brought light box therapy can also be accustomed to enhance circulation, wound healing, accelerate cell renewal, stimulate bovine collagen and behave as a relaxing agent £30.00


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Caci face & body — the derma sanctuary ideal for dull dehydratedResourse:
Caci face & body — the derma sanctuary example stretchmarks, scarring, pigmentation, dark

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