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If you’ve have you been enticed with a facelift but been unwilling to have surgery, then your CACI Non-Surgical Facial might be for you personally. This hi-tech, non-invasive treatment is offered at famous hairstylist Nicky Clarke’s Mayfair salon, and I attended find out if it resided to the hype.

My facialist, Chelseé Lewis, has 19 experience within the beauty industry and it is the skincare expert preferred by a number of celebrities. She’s too discreet to mention names, but CACI devotees in general include worldwide stars like Jennifer Lopez, Linda Evangelista, Jennifer Aniston and Christie Brinkley.

The salon is situated a stone’s throw in the Connaught hotel and equidistant from Grosvenor Square and Berkeley Square. Entering the luxurious red-brick building, I spotted Nicky Clarke themself looking after a client’s locks – nice to understand that he’s still greatly on the floor despite his fame.

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Chelseé herself is really a hospitable individual who believes firmly for your body in general, from diet to lifestyle. She stands out on the CACI Ultra Non-Surgical “facelift” , an advanced, non-invasive facial, to tone the face muscles. CACI Worldwide possess a lengthy history, getting been established two decades ago and that i first heard about them after i resided in France. A lot of my French acquaintances promised with this treatment, and so i was intrigued to discover what all of the fuss involved. As we get older, the facial muscles begin to lose their tone. Genetics, lifestyle, weight fluctuation as well as ecological factors can aggravate the problem, leading to a tired, sagging face. The CACI facial promises to provide visible results without resorting to any surgery, because of electrical impulses that lift your muscle mass, reducing wrinkles and growing skin elasticity. Microcurrent therapy was initially developed like a medical solution to help treat facial palsy.

The therapy room feels safe and decorated with flowers and magazines, using the CACI machine located near the massage bed. After cleansing my skin, Chelseé started up the device to the microcurrent toning phase. This uses a mix of ultra low frequencies and particular waveforms, employed in harmony using the body’s own bio-electrical field.

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Throughout the one hour treatment, all 32 face muscles are lightly re-educated by Chelseé and also the machine. She used a gentle, cotton-tipped wand on my small face to deliver the micro-current energy to my face muscles. At occasions it tingled slightly however it wasn’t whatsoever painful and that i went to sleep a couple of times. A unique wrinkle comb applicator mixing Brought blue and red lights and frequency microcurrent seemed to be accustomed to plump and soften wrinkles. Chelseé pays particular focus on the jawline, to be able to refine and contour the jowls. She adopted track of a Hydratone facial treatment, mixing active micro-current rollers with an electrically conductive plastic gel mask. It labored very well in plumping and softening wrinkles and lines. Following the treatment, I certainly felt that my skin looked more radiant and also the effect lasted for any couple of days. My eyelids looked a little more lifted and also the contours of my face appeared better defined. Overall, it gave my face a subtle but noticeable boost to ensure that I still appeared as if me, but just like a perfectly rested form of me! For particular skin concerns for example redness of your skin, Chelseé offers anything else like the derma pen, but CACI can treat an entire selection of issues for example sun-damage, stretchmarks and acne blemishes.

Although answers are visible following the first treatment, it’s advisable to possess a span of ten or fifteen treatments, then maintenance treatments every 4-6 days. I loved the truth that it suits all skin tones and you will find no negative effects or downtime needed – the skin won’t look red or puffy later on.

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Following a treatment, I had been prescribed CACI Amino Lift Peptide Complex, for use at your home. Referred to as a “facelift” inside a bottle, this proven anti-ageing serum utilizes a effective mixture of peptides and proteins to assist combat and lower signs of ageing and is among the products utilized in the CACI salon treatments.

CACI Amino-Lift Peptide Complex
I did not browse the instructions the very first time and applied it to my whole face, however it’s really designed for use on lines and regions of skin laxity. We have an instant, visible tightening effect which i wasn’t expecting and apparently it isn’t just cosmetic because it works with time to enhance the skin’s firmness and lower wrinkles. Because of the tightening effect, I’d recommend following track of a moisturizer to help boost the effects.

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The 1 hour CACI Ultra Non-Surgical facelift treatment methods are priced from £95 (£160 including Hydratone Facial).
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