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The brand new CACI Synergy combines the CACI Ultimate and CACI Ultra systems presenting pioneering S.P.E.D™ Microcurrent Brought Technology, a breakthrough new advancement. Ideal for Face Toning, and Wrinkles and lines particularly with Wrinkle Comb – the choice to dermal fillers.

  • CACI Synergy Non-surgical Face, Eye and Jowl Lifts
  • CACI Synergy The Right Path

CACI Synergy Non-surgical Face, Eye and Jowl Lifts


The CACI Synergy Non-surgical Facelift one hour 15 mins including CACI Synergy Jowl Lift The CACI Non-surgical Facelift uses controlled micro-current to assist firm, tone, lift and re-educate face muscles. The therapy also stimulates bloodstream circulation, which will help improve tone of muscle and combat dryness, departing your skin toned and hydrated having a youthful appearance. This very popular treatment, that is preferred among celebrities and it is britain’s top selling anti-ageing facial treatment. £65.00
CACI Synergy Non-surgical Facelift Span of 10 £585.00
CACI Synergy Non-surgical Eye Lift half an hour Concentrated treatment concentrating on the eye region. Your eyes are among the first areas to exhibit signs of ageing this fast and targeted treatment helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines around the eye region. £35.00
CACI Synergy Non-surgical Eye Lift Span of 10 £315.00
CACI Synergy Non-surgical Jowl Lift half an hour The CACI Jowl Lift facial uses Quad Probe applicators made to double the amount lifting action from the CACI treatment system therefore enhancing results and reducing treatment time. The CACI Jowl Lift facial continues to be designed to particularly target muscle laxity round the jawline. £35.00
CACI Synergy Non-surgical Jowl Lift Span of 10 £315.00
CACI Synergy Wrinkle Comb half an hour The Wrinkle Comb combines Brought photo stimulation technology rich in frequency to effectively plump out and soften deep lines, wrinkles, blemishes and stretchmarks. Particularly advantageous to treating nose to mouth lines, frown lines and crows ft lines. Supplies a needle-free, non-invasive option to bovine collagen injections and dermal fillers. A training course of treatments is suggested for the best results.

CACI Synergy Wrinkle Comb Span of 10 £315.00


CACI Synergy Ultimate one hour half an hour A mix of the 4 treatments.

Caci nonsurgical solutions hands piece that contains ceramicThe CACI Ultimate provides four stages of anti-ageing: Microcurrent that softens wrinkles although toning and firming the body and face Brought and Wrinkle Comb helps you to plump out wrinkles and lines, soothes skin blemishes and softens stretchmarks Microdermabrasion which supplies deep innovative very free exfoliation to assist with skin blemishes, acne scars and sun-damage and lastly the Hydratone Gel Mask that is enriched with bovine collagen, rose water, ascorbic acid and D to own skin your final boost. All combined to provide you with the best aesthetic strategy to the body and face.

CACI Ultimate Intensive Facial Course A rigorous four week programme for max results. For that ultimate non-surgical face lifting programme.

Programme includes:

4 CACI Ultimate Facials (1 each week)

6 CACI Non-surgical Facelift Treatments (2 each week)

(We advise you undertake this programme withing a four week period. Our counselor will give you guidance and advice to make sure you achieve optimum results.)

(Total course saving £90)

CACI Synergy Microdermabrasion Facial or Ultrasound Peel 40 mins Deep exfoliation to assist scarring, acne scars, wrinkles and sun broken skin adopted by the use of the Hydro Smoothing Gel Mask to hydrate, soothe and calm your skin. The orbital rotation from the abrasion tips connected to the hands-piece considerably reduce skin imperfections for example discolouration, dark spots, small wrinkles, scars and impurities, departing your skin obvious and smooth. Simultaneously micropulses transmitted through the hands-piece massage your skin, improving circulation which stimulates the development of recent bovine collagen that tone and firm your skin tissue supplying a really relaxing treatment.

The CACI Synergy Ultrasound Peel utilizes a hands piece that contains ceramic/quarta movement transducers which, when excited by an electric current emit piezoelectric vibrations. These rapid vibrations (27,000 per second) propel impurities towards the surface of the skin and cause the dead skin cells to get dislodged. The vibrating hands piece will be accustomed to deep cleanse and lightly exfoliate the skin. Ultrasound skin peeling supplies a far gentler and fewer aggressive approach to skin exfoliation. A training course of treatments is suggested to attain optimum results.

CACI Synergy Hydratone Facial half an hour The Hydratone Facial is really a deeply adding nourishment to treatment that hydrates and tones. It combines microcurrent rollers (that really help restore tone of muscle and firmness) using the Hydro Mask. The Hydro Mask is infused with bovine collagen, hyaluronic acidity and rose water to deeply nourish and generate a rush of moisture towards the skin which will soothe and calm any skin irritation and redness (ideal for a special event and excellent for brides-to-be). £TBC

CACI Synergy The Right Path

A 15 minute add-on treatment of your liking, which utilises a number of the CACI Synergy technologies specific to your demands. This can be a personalised treatment whereby both you and your counselor will choose which from the three CACI Synergy technologies works good for you.

ETR            Jowl Lift            Wrinkle Comb              £15.00

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