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CACI have lately just launched a completely new treatment known as Synergy that is a combination and step up from CACI’s top selling hi-tech facial machines – CACI Ultra and CACI Ultimate. The revolutionary CACI Synergy treatment provides the newest technology in anti-ageing innovation by mixing Brought light and microcurrent therapy for much better and faster skin rejuvenating results. The twin action from the Brought light box therapy and S.P.E.D (synchronised photo electrical delivery) microcurrent technology stimulates tissue regeneration and encourages bovine collagen production. Microcurrent treatments are broadly utilized as a pleasing anti-ageing treatment that encourages the face muscles to lift and tone your skin.

The therapy also offers an ultrasound hands held device which contains ceramic/quarta movement transducers to result in any the dead skin cells to dislodge and lightly cleanses the skin from the impurities. It’s a multi functional treatment that also includes very-free orbital microdermabrasion to exfoliate the skin and take away the dead skin cells for healthy glowing skin.

Synergy is really a non-invasive treatment to tackle a number of skin concerns including improving the look of under eye circles, facial toning, skin hydration, acne, blemishes, wrinkles and lines. Laser hair removal may also be used on other areas on our bodies to tighten skin and improve stretchmarks, cellulite and jowls.

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When I was finding the treatment, my aesthetician described that microcurrent therapy delivers small electrical impulses that mirror our body’s own natural bioelectrical field. Microcurrent stimulation helps you to re-educate your muscle mass and may lift, tone and firm. Microcurrent in appearance is generally referred to as “facial toning”” or “non-surgical face lifting” because of the dramatic lifting effect it is wearing the face muscles and contours.

The CACI treatment seems like a small tingling sensation having a warm energised feeling onto the skin which was virtually painless in my opinion. I had been also reassured when The trainer told us microcurrent treatments are safe and it was initially developed like a medical application to deal with facial palsy and restore tone of muscle by making use of small microcurrent impulses towards the affected muscles.

The ultimate stage from the CACI Synergy treatment methods are the cooling and rejuvenating Hydratone which mixes active micro-current rollers having a unique, electrically conductive plastic gel mask that’s been infused with effective hydrating qualities.


The rollers lightly massage the face area resulting in the mask to get electrically billed so the whole face is bathed with rejuvenating energy restoring tone and firmness towards the face muscles. The power generated also drives the hydrating actives contained inside the gel mask deep in to the skin tissue. The gel mask includes a dramatic softening action assisting to plump out and smooth deep wrinkles and lines. The Hydratone procedure takes just ten minutes to do yet provides immediate and intensive skin hydration and face firming.

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Although I observed a positive change after my initial treatment the advantages of microcurrent are cumulative and frequently a training course as high as 10 remedies are suggested for optimal results adopted my monthly top ups. Following a span of CACI non-surgical facial toning treatment it’s stated the thing is real enhancements in the way your skin feels and looks. Facial contours look lifted and toned having a fresher youthful appearance.

However should explain that using microcurrent therapy like CACI is comparable to visiting the gym for any work out… should you stop going the outcomes will progressively diminish. With no full course on initial treatments or maintenance, your face muscles eventually go back to the way they were prior to the treatments commenced. For this reason monthly top-up remedies are suggested to keep results.

For individuals making headlines or major influencers in media, it’s great to understand that CACI facial toning treatments like CACI Synergy don’t have any recovery or downtime following the treatment so that your busy lifestyle can continue the whole time. No question a lot of celebrities from Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston to Sadie Frost and Linda Evangelista rave about CACI. Vogue Johnson and Amy Children’s will also be stated to become fans.

CACI Synergy will come in selected salons nationwide. I visited the Seduire clinic on London’s Frith Street. To learn more, check out kingdom/page/CACI-Product-Synergy

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