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Cellulite is most typical in adolescent and adult ladies and generally develops around the thighs, abdomen, and bottom. A lot of women believe they are able to minimize the look of cellulite with dieting and exercise. They’re mistaken. Actually, cellulite is frequently hereditary and can’t be eliminated with dieting and exercise alone. It’s not a fat problem, however a structural problem of your skin. Strong " floating " fibrous bands anchor your skin towards the underlying muscle, causing dimples at first glance.

So how exactly does Cellulaze work?

This advanced technology goes past traditional treatments, for example ointments and creams, and targets the reason for cellulite, the structural components that pull onto the skin and make cellulite’s dimpled appearance. This non-invasive laser procedure smoothes out the look of cellulite in 3 ways:

  • Releasing the connective fibers that pull your skin lower
  • Liquefying pockets of fat
  • Growing the skin’s thickness by boosting bovine collagen production

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What exactly are Cellulaze treatments like?

Dr. Ching performs Cellulaze being an outpatient procedure in the accredited on-site surgical facility. Once targeted areas are numbed with local anesthetic, Dr. Ching threads a skinny laser fiber right into a metal tube known as a cannula after which through small incisions within the skin. With quick pulses of laser energy, the " floating " fibrous bands are freed, pockets of fat are melted, and bovine collagen production within the skin is stimulated. Most sufferers experience virtually no discomfort.

“Cellulite is finished! Thanks Dr. Ching! My pal suggested Dr. Ching & this latest procedure he offers known as Cellulaze. I believe he’s the first one to offer laser hair removal in Hawaii. I’ve always attempted to cover my legs due to the cellulite on my small thighs, although not any longer! I visited Dr. Ching’s office and it was so confident in the ability. The women I met with clarified my questions and me seem like family.”

— CB253 on RealSelf.com

So what can I expect during recovery after Cellulaze?

Most sufferers possess some bruising, swelling, and drainage in treated areas for that first couple of days following the procedure. You will probably go back to normal activities within two to three days and strenuous activities following a week or 2.

Will my cellulite go away immediately after treatment?

Patients end up finding enhancements inside a couple of days following the initial swelling has dissipated. Enhancements go on for about three to six several weeks as bovine collagen is replenished within the skin.

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