Department of thoracic surgery hyperhidrosis vanderbilt health nashville tn

Department of thoracic surgery hyperhidrosis vanderbilt health nashville tn The process causes minimal discomfort

Sweating from the palms and armpits are one such problem. Many suffer quietly out of this, because of embarrassment or lack of knowledge about effective treatment. Sweating from the palms and armpits is common in hot climates or after and during exercise. But individuals struggling with hyperhidrosis have excessive sweaty palms even during cold temperature and also at rest. This can lead to skin problems from the palm and armpits.

Most researchers think that this sweating is caused by overactivity from the supportive nerves, which control sweat production. If these nerves are interrupted in some manner, the sweating could be abolished. These nerves are categorized together within the chest to create a nerve chain known as the “sympathetic chain”. At Vanderbilt we’ve pioneered using non-invasive thoracic surgery, using 2 or 3 small band-aid sized incisions to clip these nerves. We’re now using smaller sized cameras and instruments, the incisions being only 5 millimeters long. The incisions are created underneath the armpit area and therefore are thus hidden, whilst putting on swimwear.

The result from the operation on palm sweating is nearly immediate, many getting the unnecessary sweating abolished within the operating room itself. All research has proven this effect is maintained within the lengthy term. The procedure is extremely effective and abolishes or reduces sweating from the palm on almost all patients undergoing the process. Periodic patients have a tendency to get patches of sweating around the back or thighs following the operation however we feel the modified method the operation as practiced at Vanderbilt today will lessen the incidence of the problem.

Admittance to hospital is around the morning from the operation. The process causes minimal discomfort so we now discharge patients from hospital at the time following the operation. Most sufferers have returned to operate following a week of recuperation in your own home.

Surgery can thus present an effective and comparatively safe approach to cure this problem. Within the patient testimonial section read about one individual’s knowledge about the process.


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