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Dermal fillers & cosmetic fillers rendon center Sculptra        As we grow older

Belotero is really a hyaluronic acidity based dermal filler, authorized by the Food and drug administration. Hyaluronic acidity (HA) occurs naturally inside your skin, which means this injectable integrates easily to lessen lines and folds. Since it holds many occasions its very own weight in water, HA adapts for your skin’s unique texture for wrinkle correction with natural gentleness. Belotero is very versatile. Dr. Rendon will get great outcomes by using it in delicate areas like vertical lip lines, as well as for added volume in deep smile lines round the mouth. There’s no downtime following treatment, improvement is immediate, and results last six several weeks or even more.


This “next generation” dermal filler continues to be Food and drug administration approved since June of 2006. It has a greater number of mix-linked HA (Hyaluronic Acidity) than other presently available fillers. This creates optimum leads to only one strategy to most sufferers. Outcomes of Juvéderm may last six several weeks or longer. Based on recent research, over 95 % of nasolabial folds maintained correction 24 days after treatment with Juvéderm. Greater than 80 % maintained these recent results for more than a year.


Lines and deep wrinkles could be reduced or eliminated with Radiesse. Included in this are marionette lines, smile lines, and nasolabial folds. It functions by supplying the skin a matrix that natural tissue can come to be, growing volume naturally. Allergy exams are unnecessary because Radiesse doesn’t trigger inflammation or immune response.


A natural and safe choice for restoring fullness and volume for your skin is Restylane. It’s accustomed to correct folds and wrinkles, like nasolabial folds. It’s formulated of HA (Hyaluronic Acidity), an ingredient that’s naturally based in the skin. This quick, simple procedure is a well-liked lunchtime treatment.


This mid-dermal cosmetic filler is really a sister- product to Restylane. It’s formulated to deal with the greater pronounced deep folds and wrinkles on your face.


As we grow older, skin naturally loses a number of its firm, full, youthful appearance. Lost fatty tissues and thinning skin result in the growth and development of lines and wrinkles, folds, and wrinkles. Sculptra is a well-liked choice for restoring the amount that’s been lost. It’s biodegradable and non-animal based. It really works with synthetic poly-L-lactic to lessen wrinkles and lines for healthier, more youthful-searching skin.

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