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Areas that may be Given Restylane™ or Juvéderm:

  • Glabellar lines (lines among the attention eyebrows)
  • Naso-Labial Folds (line from the foot of the nose to a corner of the mouth area)
  • Lip, Receding lips, Smoker’s lines
  • Scars

Areas that may be Given Radiesse®:

  • Glabellar area
  • Naso-Labial Folds (line from the foot of the nose to a corner of the mouth area)
  • Sagging Cheekbones (Malar and submalar area)
  • Facial lipoatrophy
  • Soft tissue defects or asymmetries like the nose or face
  • Smile Oral cavity Creases
  • Marionette Lines (Jowls)
  • Prejowl sulcus
  • Mental crease
  • Dorsal Hands
  • Scars

Dermal fillers are effective and safe to revive volume and fullness towards the skin within the preferred areas. To look for the best dermal filler for you, call and schedule your free consultation today.

Restylane™ and Juvéderm are non-animal, biodegradable gels produced from the natural substance known as hyaluronic acidity. The gel is injected in to the skin in a small amount having a fine needle. The merchandise adds volume helping diminish wrinkles and fine lines. Both products are constructed with an all natural substance normally present in the body. The outcomes are instant and convey natural enhancements which are gentle and safe for your skin. These items are great to own lip a larger look, define the lip borders, or complete the wrinkles round the lip or any other desirable areas.

Treatments take roughly fifteen to thirty minutes. Since anesthesia is not required, time to recover is minimal and many clients go back to normal activities immediately. The outcomes last from 4-5 several weeks with Restylane™ and as much as 6 several weeks with Juvéderm.

Radiesse® is definitely an opaque, biodegradable product made up of calcium hydroxylapatite within an aqueous gel carrier. After anesthesia, a tiny bit of the merchandise is injected within the preferred areas to include volume which help in augmentation and facial contouring. Calcium hydroxylapitite can be found in nature because the mineral element of human bone. Synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite (Radiesse®) shares exactly the same biocompatibility profile from the natural compound. No skin tests are necessary and there’s no migration or ossification from the product. The outcomes are instant and lengthy lasting. Profound affects occur if this method is employed for soft tissue augmentation and contouring from the face to make a youthful appearance.

Treatments take roughly fifteen to thirty minutes, with respect to the preferred section of treatment. Time to recover is minimal and many clients go back to normal activities immediately. The end result lasts 12 to 18 several weeks.

If you’re thinking about dermal fillers get more information at a procedural tutorial and demand you free consultation today!

Common Questions regarding Dermal Fillers

What’s Restylane™, Juvéderm and Radiesse®?

The 3 are dermal fillers, items that provide volume with resulting eliminating or diminishing of wrinkles and depressed areas. Restylane™ and Juvéderm are comprised of synthetic hyaluronic acidity. Hyaluronic acidity is really a natural substance that’s created naturally by the body. It offers volume towards the skin, lubricates the joints and provides your eyes their shape.

Radiesse® consists of calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres suspended within an aqueous carboxymethlcellulose gel carrier. Calcium hydroxylapatite may be the mineral element of human bone, however synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite doesn’t cause bone formation.

How do you use it?

Dermal fillers work by temporary adding volume towards the tissues. The results last as long as 4 several weeks for Restylane™, 6 several weeks for Juvéderm, and 12 to 18 several weeks for Radiesse®. Restylane™ and Juvéderm maintains it shape using the body’s own moisture. The hyaluronic acidity attracts water. Because it progressively degrades, each molecule binds to water and also over time, exactly the same volume could be maintained with less hyaluronic acidity.

Radiesse® is calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres suspended inside a gel composed of glycerin, sterile water, and sodium carboxymethylcellulose. The gel is damaged lower through the body over 4-12 days. The microspheres, that do not migrate or calcify, behave as a scaffold that promotes soft tissue formation. Thus the microspheres and soft tissue become integrated within the surrounding soft tissue, which supplies for an extended affect. With time the calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres are damaged lower through the body into calcium and phosphate ions.

How’s treatment performed?

Dermal fillers are injected having a small needle. Small quantities of these products are injected in to the skin to supply volume restoration. Radiesse® is injected much deeper then Restylane™ or Juvéderm, therefore anesthesia is run just before injection. Once Radiesse® is injected areas are massaged and molded in to the preferred appearance.

How lengthy will my treatment take?

Treatment with Restylane™ is extremely fast and simple. It will require roughly fifteen to thirty minutes to do. Radiesse® will require longer since it requires anesthesia just before correction. It’ll normally take 30-45 minutes. Injection with dermal fillers has various occasions for treatments since it depends upon the correction you want to possess performed.

What’s going to be accomplished?

Dermal fillers add volume. All lessen the deep wrinkles which are present once the face muscles are in complete rest. Patients generally need one injection to attain optimal wrinkle smoothing, whereas one-third of patients needed several injection to obtain a acceptable result.

Radiesse® restores a far more youthful anatomic feature through oral cavity augmentation and facial contouring, ameliorating deep wrinkles, or correcting uneven defects. Once injected with Radiesse®, patients return in a single week, when the swelling subsides to massage any areas. Patients return in two to three several weeks to supply touch-up injections as necessary.

How quickly before I see results?

Answers are apparent immediately.

Can dermal fillers be removed?

Restylane™ and Juvéderm can’t be removed once place. If visible, a few of the Radiesse® product can be taken off. All the products dissolve naturally as time passes.

How lengthy will dermal fillers last?

All products dissolve naturally with time and therefore are absorbed from your body. Results is determined by several factors for example: the skin’s structure, your way of life, as well as your age. Touch-up and follow-up treatments will increase the duration.

Does Restylane™ get stiffer in cold temperature? What goes on under the sun?

You shouldn’t expose the treated will be to intense heat or extreme cold for that first couple of days after treatment to prevent the chance of inflammation because the area continues to be disrupted. Once Restylane™ continues to be built-into your body it’ll adapt to your normal body’s temperature.

What are the potential negative effects?

Potential side affects can include: bruising, redness, swelling, discomfort, tenderness, itching, and pinpoint bleeding. Patients taking bloodstream thinners can experience more bruising and swelling after Radiesse® treatment. Use of ice within the injection areas after Radiesse® treatments reduce and limit tissue edema.

When should it-not be utilized?

Dermal fillers shouldn’t be utilized in patients who’ve allergic reactions towards the products used.

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While Rare, Dermal Fillers can be Encapsulated by the Body and Last Years if Not Dissolved