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Percutaneous bovine collagen induction has been utilized for many years in treating atrophic acne scars. It’s most effective in moving scars and can possess some effect on box scarring. Probably the most effective technique accustomed to date may be the Dermaroller. This can be a mechanical device which includes surgical steel microneedles inside a wheel that is folded up and lower the affected region. Needle length is usually 1.5mm and also the skin is treated four occasions in three different directions. We’ve used this method within our clinics during the last four years, treating more than a 1000 patients. The outcomes happen to be very best to date. The process is, however, painful leaving the individual very red for 4 days following the procedure. The brand new Dermapen uses exactly the same principal but instead of utilizing a moving action, the Dermapen moves the needles out and in for a price of approximately 1000 occasions per second. This avoids the moving injuries towards the skin that may occur using the Dermaroller.


This was a open comparative study of Dermaroller and Dermapen in 60 patients with atrophic acne scars to check simplicity of use, patient preference and effectiveness. Patients were randomised to get either Dermaroller or Dermapen. All patients had had one previous treatment using the Dermaroller. Had predominantly moving scars and none had active acne. Procedures were conducted by 3 dermatologists. Patients and skin doctor completed a questionnaire about the simplicity and discomfort experience and period of lower time. Depth of selected scars was measured while using Visioscan VC98 before and three several weeks after treatment.


Patients given the Dermapen unanimously felt the procedure was significantly less painful compared to Dermaroller and also the downtime was considerably shorter using the Dermapen. Subjectively, patients given the Dermapen felt their atrophic acne scars had improved to some greater extent than patients using the Dermaroller. Visioscan data demonstrated considerably greater decrease in depth of scars while using Dermapen when compared to Dermaroller.


Management of atrophic acne scars continues to be considerably advanced with the development of the Dermaroller. The brand new Dermapen, however, has a number of benefits. The disposable needle heads are less costly than the usual Dermaroller. Patients felt the Dermapen was significantly less painful coupled with shorter downtime compared to Dermaroller. Dermatologists felt it had been simpler to make use of and enabled sites like the upper lip and nose to become given ease. The Dermapen also demonstrated considerably superior decrease in scar depth following a single treatment.

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Dermapen versus dermaroller dermaroller versus dermapen study dermapen our clinics during the lastImperial College

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