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Dermaroller therapy or bovine collagen induction therapy (CIT) is really a relatively recent concept which will help to stimulate bovine collagen quite considerably to lessen the look of acne scars and wrinkles. The primary principle within this process involves skin needling that is completed to stimulate our body’s own manufacture of bovine collagen. It calls for utilizing a sterile roller made up of a number of fine, sharp needles to puncture your skin. This method is generally performed under local anaesthetic, in which the system is "folded" over the top of face to produce multiple microscopic channels, deep in to the skin of your skin, which stimulate your body to create new bovine collagen.

We use various kinds of devices with this therapy: varying from models having a needle period of only .02mm created for "in your own home" use to rollers with needles of just one.5mm designed for use like a professional treatment with a trained specialist. Along the way your skin is numbed utilizing a special cream for approximately 30 minutes just before treatment. The therapy occasions can vary from ten minutes for an hour with respect to the size the region receiving treatment. When the treatment methods are complete, your skin becomes red or pink and also at occasions there might be minor bruising too. However, the individual has the capacity to go back to work the very next day effortlessly. A couple of those who have gone through and extremely aggressive treatment (for severe lines or scarring) might take slightly longer to recuperate.

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