Do you know the advantages of dermal filler treatments?

Do you know the advantages of dermal filler treatments? certain after care instructions

Advantages of Dermal Filler

  1. Dermal Fillers Add Youthful Plumpness
  2. Fillers Are ideal for Lips
  3. Dermal Fillers Reduce the look of Scars
  4. Dermal Fillers and Botox treatment Can Improve Your Bovine collagen Levels

Dermal filler have two sorts

  1. Fat filler- this is accomplished for big areas and patients own fat can be used for filoing of grooves or deficiency areas.
  2. Hyaluronic fillers- they are natural fillers obtainable in pre packed syringes and also have lengthy standing good result and safety records. Some non safe filler like plastic fillers are from time to time available and then any person prepared to do dermal filler should discuss at length all of the choices using their skin doctor. Most dermatologists could keep patient interest and safety first and can help you help guide to the very best available possibilty for that given situation. Dermal filler can be used for following indications mainly. (every other indications application and options might be discussed together with your skin doctor individually)
  3. Nasolabial fold / laugh line filling
  4. Tear trough or under-eye groove
  5. Lip augmentation
  6. Oral cavity augmentation
  7. liquid face-lift
  8. Jawline shaping
  9. Correction of old trauma scars / chicken pix scars/ acne scarring
  10. Face rejuvenation / hydration
  11. Neck rejuvenation
  12. Hands rejuvenation
  13. Filling of facial atrophy.

Procedure for dermal filler.

  1. The foremost and key to dermal filler treatment methods are through evaluation and understanding the requirements of the patients. When being some for age management perspective an in depth lengthy term plan could be charted out.
  2. Throughout the consultation stage all of the contraindications are also eliminated.
  3. For the process some pre images of the treated area are taken along with a topical anesthetic cream is used. This often takes 20-50 min based upon individual patient’s discomfort threshold.
  4. The particular injection process is really a quite comfortable following this.
  5. You will be given certain after care instructions to become adopted over next 1-seven days for the best effects.


  1. The majority of the dermal filler effect is immediate although some people might uniformity is achieved over next 3 days.
  2. Time period of dermal filler in after treatment can differ according to site, your metabolic process, filler used along with other synchronised treatments and medicines happening.

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