Effective treatments to counteract sundamage

Effective treatments to counteract sundamage of skin, which oftentimes


These compounds, chemically produced from vit a, encourage skin cells to lose and renew themselves, improving skin cell turnover cycles. Additionally they stimulate bovine collagen production, lighten liver spots and lower how big pores.

Ascorbic Acid along with other anti-oxidants

These substances slow the skin’s degeneration because of the manufacture of rogue chemicals (toxins) that create visible indications of damage. Antioxidants can slow signs of aging, reduce ultraviolet harm to skin which help lessen the introduction to bovine collagen.


Sun-damage slows the speed where skin cells start, or replace themselves, causing dull, dried-out skin, uneven complexion, as well as blemishes and clogged pores. Chemical exfoliants like AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) and BHAs (beta-hydroxy acids) stimulate faster skin cell turnover.

Lightening agents

Whitening or brightening cosmetics typically include hydroquinone, an component with proven skin-lightening qualities. Used along with a retinoid, these may lighten although not completely remove superficial discoloration, uneven pigmentation and sunspots.


A compound peel is really a procedure done by a skin doctor using various methods to acquire a controlled treatment of your skin layers. The depth of treatment varies it may be superficial, medium or deep based on type of skin and also the cosmetic and therapeutic goal.

Peels encourage sloughing from the dead top layer of skin, which oftentimes will require by using it regions of uneven pigmentation, precancerous lesions and wrinkles. Skins may either be practiced inside a series or like a one-time treatment, with respect to the peel depth.

“Downtime for superficial peels is minimal,” explains Dr. Shirazi. “You can experience swelling and redness having a much deeper peel. Medium and deep peels require longer time to recover. After any chemical treatment, a powerful sun block is essential.”

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Treating Sun Damage & Protecting Skin