Facelift from the stars in richardson texas

Facelift from the stars in richardson texas

Facelift from the Star® in Richardson, Texas, provides the latest non-invasive, non-surgical facelift technology, because of the special Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument (CACI). So visit

them today and discover on your own why actress and singer Jennifer Lopez

states, “The CACI Ultra is amazing!”


CACI’s concentrate on “Facial Fitness” face muscles become lifted and toned with

exercise inducing micro-currents that may deliver an immediate eyelift, neck lift

and oral cavity lift in a couple of minutes having a Facelift from the Star® professional.


devised by Dr. Thomas Wing to deal with stroke and burn victims, the CACI

micro-current technologies are sent to face muscles through special signal-transmitting

wands that stimulate and re-educate face muscles. Where botox treatment paralyzes them,

micro-currents put face muscles to get results for defined cheekbones, slender necks

and overall muscle sculpting.


more, Facelift from the Star® CACI remedies are completely discomfort-free and

require no preparation time on virgin skin. All-all year round, summer time through

winter, you can start your treatment without getting to cover-away during

time to recover because there’s none. While a complete-spectrum treatment methods are

finished in 90-days, each session takes 30-minutes and you will see noticeable

results immediately.


along with CACI, these facial experts offer lots of surface skin

tightening procedures which will make you amazed with how beautiful your personal

Facelift from the stars in richardson texas Mixing your CACI treatments withskin is. Mixing your CACI treatments with any one of their facials, chemical

peels and microdermabrasion packages implies that you’ll target every facet of

your anti-aging skincare routine literally from inside and out.


the Facelift from the Stars® professionals arrived at your save and remove

years with a little their magical CACI wands and make preparations to unveil your very best

skin. Call (214) 295-9559 to reserve

your appointment with Facelift from the

Stars® or visit them online to understand more about this miracle

technology and it is superstar group of followers.

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