Hot springs health spa treatments

Hot springs health spa treatments not presently have the

Aroma therapy incorporated with select services below denoted having a tear-drop-small

Healing Springs Signature Massage tear-drop-small

80-minutes, $215 110-minutes, $255

A personalized experience as unique when you are. Start with a calming aroma feet bath and exfoliation, adopted with a skillfully delivered mixture of traditional and holistic techniques particularly orchestrated to your demands.

Relaxation Massage

25-minutes, $80 55-minutes, $125 85-minutes, $170

This traditional European massage calms the central nervous system, reduces stress and improves circulation – departing you feeling peaceful yet revitalized.

Deep-Tissue Massagetear-drop-small

25-minutes, $85 55-minutes, $135 85-minutes, $185

This massage targets tense or painful muscles, tendons and ligaments through the use of a strong technique.

Stone Massagetear-drop-small

50-minutes, $135 75-minutes, $175

Smooth, heated basalt river gemstones are utilized in conjuncion with massage strokes to make a unique balance of one’s and sense of well-being.

Thai Stem Massage

85-minutes, $190

This massage therapy helps release toxins, increase circulation, relax muscles, and calculates painful knots. Stretching from the neck/back/arms/legs, coupled with a light massage and also the warm, soothing heat in the stems, gives you a feeling of well-being.

Couples Massagetear-drop-small

50-minutes, $260

All couples should experience this side-by-side treatment as two practitioners perform the selection of a Relaxation Massage. Please question our other massage services obtainable in our couples’ rooms.


25-minutes, $85 55-minutes, $135 85-minutes, $185

Japanese for finger pressure, “Shiatsu” is a kind of alternative treatment composed of finger and palm pressure, stretches, along with other massage techniques used in lowering stress, muscle discomfort, nausea, depression and anxiety.

Reflexology Massagetear-drop-small

25-minutes, $80 55-minutes, $125 85-minutes, $185

This can be a non-invasive approach to working pressure points on ft and/or hands that reflect every point from the body. Good for releasing stress and restoring harmony.

Please be aware: Healing Springs Spa does not presently have the expertise of an authorized Massage Counselor (RMT).  Registered Massage is better provided via a medical massage clinic as advised through the College of Registered Massage Therapists.  Find out more about Registered Therapeutic Massage in BC.

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