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A lot of women use dermal fillers to boost the lips and lower wrinkles round the mouth, eyes, and brow. Dermal fillers may also be coupled with BOTOX® Cosmetic or Dysport® for additional complete rejuvenation effects included in a liquid facelift.

Dermal Fillers FAQ

The flexibility, convenience, and measurable outcomes of injectable dermal fillers make sure they are exceedingly popular for every type of patients. Today’s dermal fillers are simply as effective and safe as always, with millions of folks all over the world with them to lessen wrinkles and replace volume every year. Despite their recognition, prospective patients have lots of questions regarding these treatments. Here, find our solutions to some of those we hear most frequently.

Aren’t all dermal fillers essentially exactly the same?

No. Although dermal fillers are gels which are injected under the top of skin to include volume, most of them use different ingredients and are available in various formulations which make them appropriate for various regions of the face area. For instance, JUVÉDERM and JUVÉDERM VOLUMA XC both have a similar active component, hyaluronic acidity, which will help skin avoid dehydration and firm. But JUVÉDERM was created particularly to relieve the wrinkles and lines from the lower face, while JUVÉDERM VOLUMA XC’s thicker, stronger formula causes it to be appropriate for adding volume towards the cheekbones. Dr. Stetler, Dr. Polder, and our medical staff understand how to strategically administer the best fillers right areas to yield exceptional results.

What’s the distinction between Botox treatment Cosmetic and dermal fillers?

Although dermal fillers and Botox treatment Cosmetic are generally injectable treatments that are utilized to reduce the look of wrinkles, they operate in completely different ways. His or her name implies, injectable fillers make use of an component to physically complete wrinkles from underneath the skin, effectively reducing the look of them. Botox treatment and Dysport both make use of a purified type of the botulinum contaminant to temporarily relax your muscle mass that create “dynamic” wrinkles (the wrinkles that occur whenever we make facial expressions), for example crow’s ft, to create. When used strategically, Botox treatment and dermal fillers can both create beautiful outcomes.

Who is a great candidate for any dermal filler treatment?

These items work nicely and therefore are safe for pretty much anybody who’s thinking about erasing wrinkles round the face or adding volume towards the lips, cheekbones, or under-eye hollows. The majority of the fillers we use are manufactured from things that are located naturally in your body. For those who have allergic reactions or sensitivities to the ingredients in fillers, we might take extra safeguards. On your initial consultation, your specialist will take a look at health background which help you identify whether dermal fillers is worth considering.

What goes on towards the dermal filler ingredients because they put on off?

Dermal fillers are considered unsuitable to last forever. With respect to the kind of filler used, along with its placement, the outcomes of the treatment may last between several several weeks and a pair of years. The components in dermal fillers progressively break lower and filter from the body through normal metabolic processes.

Sculptra Aesthetic, a dermal filler that utilizes poly-L lactic acidity, has the added the additional advantage of advertising bovine collagen growth inside the skin. With time, the poly-L lactic acidity is eliminated from your body as the new, natural bovine collagen stays behind.

Can One combine a dermal filler treatment with another procedure?

Yes! In the Dallas Center for Skin care and Appearance, we frequently recommend a combinational method of help patients resolve several aesthetic concerns at the same time. It’s perfectly safe to “mix and match” dermal fillers and have them administered along with Botox treatment or Dysport inside a procedure known as a “liquid facelift”. Dermal fillers will also help boost the outcomes of anything else, for example Thermage®. Our professionals expect to assisting you find the correct choices to reveal your most breathtaking skin.

How do i make my results last as lengthy as you possibly can?

Although dermal fillers are temporary, they are able to provide many several weeks of noticeable improvement. The durability of the dermal filler treatment methods are highly determined by the kind of filler administered, along with your own unique anatomy. The very best factor that you can do to preserve your results would be to follow your practitioner’s instructions carefully. Although there’s no significant downtime needed following a procedure, you may want to avoid touching the injection site or temporarily avoid certain substances, for example alcohol. Just before your procedure, we’ll assist you to understand what to anticipate out of your results, in addition to maintaining them as lengthy as you possibly can.

For those who have more questions or will be ready to get began, go to the Dallas Center for Skin care and Appearance. You are able to request an appointment online or call

(214) 631-7546. Whenever you plan a consultation for cosmetic procedures, additionally, you will get a customized “Total Skin Rejuvenation” plan that will help you conserve a beautiful complexion.

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