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Laser treatment cosmetic surgery body laser hair removal

How’s laser facial treatment for hair performed?

Hair reduction and the body laser hair removal typically requires using non-ablative lasers. Before laser treatment, you will be fitted with special goggles to safeguard your vision in the laserlight. A topical anesthetic may be relevant to the skin to lessen any discomfort during treatment.

Throughout the hair reduction or hair removal procedure, a hands-held laser instrument is pressed for your skin. With respect to the kind of laser, a cooling device around the tip from the instrument or perhaps a awesome gel enables you to safeguard the skin.

Once the laser is activated, a laserlight will go through the skin towards the small sacs (follicles) where hair regrowth originates. Heat in the laserlight damages your hair follicles, which inhibits hair regrowth. Treating a little area, like the upper lip, might take merely a couple of minutes. Treating a bigger area, like the back, might take several hrs.

What kinds of lasers are utilized to remove hair?

For laser hair reduction and the body laser hair removal, various laser products may be used:

Ruby Laser

The earliest kind of laser hair removal laser, ruby laser works well with fine and lightweight hair. The ruby laser can’t be utilized on patients with more dark skin, including individuals with tanned skin. This along with other factors, like the relatively small area they cover, make ruby lasers more and more less popular for laser treatment recently.

Alexandrite Laser (alexandrite laser treatment)

The quickest from the laser types, the alexandrite laser will work for treating large body areas in patients with light-to-olive complexion. This is among the most broadly used lasers for laser hair removal.

Diode Laser (diode laser treatment)

The diode laser is ideal for more dark skin tones and it is less efficient on lighter, finer hair. It covers large areas and it has fast repetition rates, allowing brisk management of large body areas.

Lengthy pulse Nd:Yag laser (nd yag laser treatment)

This laser could be securely utilized in all skin tones, including tanned patients. Large coverage areas and fast repetition rates allow large areas to become treated rapidly, but might cause more discomfort during treatment.

Laser treatment cosmetic surgery For laser hair reduction and

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Devices (ipl laser hair removal)

These units aren’t lasers, but they are “laser equivalents” meaning they make use of the same idea of selective photothermolysis to accomplish laser hair removal. IPL products are harder to make use of than lasers and wish a really skilled and experienced specialist to function.

What results can one expect?

Laser hair reduction and the body laser hair removal results vary greatly for every person. Multiple treatments can prolong the time period of hair thinning, but new hair growth continues to be possible.

For the best results, you might need 4 to 6 treatments spaced numerous days apart. Light-skinned patients with dark hair may be treatable more strongly with less treatment occasions than dark-skinned patients. Additional periodic maintenance treatments – generally once every six to 12 several weeks – may be required too.

Follow-track of a specialist at Cleveland Clinic Cosmetic & Cosmetic Surgery Center is the easiest method to ensure lengthy-lasting is a result of ablative and non-ablative laser procedures. Watch our laser treatment pre and post photos to determine is a result of actual patients.


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