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At Skintuition, we make use of the LightSheer Duet laser its our Laser Treatment Procedures. The LightSheer Duet laserlight functions by individuals pigment within the hair follicle, therefore are only able to be utilized on hair which has color. The laser pulses for a part of a second and vaporizes the pigment, thus destroying or considerably impeding the hair’s capability to re-grow. 


The initial step towards the Laser Treatment process would be to have you ever are available in for any free consultation. This way we are able to check out your hair that you’d like to possess removed, and see if you’re a good candidate. We ask that you simply arrived at your consultation using the hair grown out enough to ensure that we are able to view it. So if you’re shaving the region, don’t shave not less than three days before your consultation. If you’re tweezing, don’t tweeze not less than a couple of days to ensure that you will see some visible hairs at the appointment. I understand that’s difficult to do for a lot of ladies, but we promise it will likely be worthwhile! When the facial hairs are actually troubling you, you’ll be able to trim them. We simply need to see which kind of hair you’ve at the consultation to ensure that we are able to determine our strategy


We advise beginning with a number of 6 treatments. Your treatments could be spaced 4-10 days apart, with respect to the area.


Throughout the laser treatment process, you can’t tweeze or wax. You are able to, however, shave or trim between your treatments. If it’s difficult to imagine yourself not tweezing or shaving every single day, take it easy! Once you begin the procedure, you’ll immediately start to see results and you will notice that hair won’t be growing in as rapidly as it used to.


The laser light treatments will require any from a few minutes to at least one hour, with respect to the size the region to become treated.


Laser treatment could be uncomfortable, and many places tend to be more sensitive than the others. We advise taking ibuprofen half an hour before your treatment to assist manage this. We sell a numbing cream that you could purchase before your appointment, and apply one hour before your appointment. Within our experience, many people will need the numbing cream, and a few won’t it truly is 50/50. We are pleased to perform a free test place at the consultation to assist determine for a moment need numbing cream


If you’re presently shaving the region to become treated, we ask that you simply shave 1-three days before your treatment. It is advisable to have a little bit of stubble in the region for the first appointment. This recommendation can differ, for the way dense your hair is. So at the consultation, we will explain what’s better to provide for the first treatment, which recommendation may change because the hair begins to thin.




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