Liposuction in Long Beach, CA: Everything You Need to Know

In recent years, the popularity of plastic surgery has increased significantly due to its effectiveness to break down and remove fat from stubbornly resistant parts of the body through diets and exercises. Liposuction surgery makes sense in such “problem” areas like double chin, abdomen, love handles, male breasts, saddlebags, etc that a person can’t get away via sports activity or healthy diets.


Each individual responded to the liposuction procedure differently, and not everyone can undergo it. An ideal patient is healthy, close to the target weight, doesn’t smoke, and has subcutaneous fat that locates between muscles and skin. Before the liposuction itself, a surgeon examines a patient’s general health state, focusing on skin condition. An important fact is possessing elastic skin, but not loose or cellulite one that can result in skin unevenness and dimples.


Liposuction isn’t a weight loss treatment, it just reduces fat, and the final result depends on additional procedures and exercises a person will perform under the surveillance of a surgeon to recover from the surgical intervention and stay in shape.


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What Are the Advantages and Risks of the Liposuction Procedure: Facts You Should Consider


Thanks to this Long Beach clinic top-level surgeons, a patient will get anticipated realistic results in a short time. Despite the healing period, swelling, and temporary loose skin, a plastic surgeon will visualize a perfect body shape for a patient considering their ongoing state. 


Let’s outline briefly what benefits you’ll receive from liposuction and how it can help you to increase your self-confidence and psychological mood:


  • It’s a safe outpatient procedure with minimum incisions. A surgeon makes small cuts in the needed areas to insert a tube called a cannula for fat suction. So, a patient can go home just two or three days after liposuction.

  • Fat cells are removed once and for all. However, it’s not an exception that fat will appear in another area. Therefore, it’s vital to maintain the patient’s weight after the procedure thoroughly.

  • Generally improved health state. You’re becoming closer to your ideal weight, body shape, and body mass index.

  • Removing fat deposits that don’t go away on their own when doing sports.

  • Boosting your self-esteem and confidence.


But, there can occur numerous side effects after liposuction every patient should know and be ready to overcome:


  • Swelling and slow wound healing.

  • Persistent skin sensation.

  • Bruising and asymmetric body contours.

  • Temporary fluid accumulation under the skin.

  • Temporary nerve irritation and numbness.

  • New fat occurrence in other parts.

  • Need for the secondary procedure.


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