Liver spots and hyperpigmentation treatment in tucson

Liver spots and hyperpigmentation treatment in tucson laser resurfacing

Topical remedies are important to help fade brown discoloration and stop new areas from appearing. Well studied ingredients used at Skin Spectrum include: retinoids (prescription strength vit a) and retinol, hydroquinones (prescription bleach at different strengths), kojic acidity, licorice, various alpha, beta, and poly hydroxy acids, exfoliants, and melanocyte stabilizing products. Skin Spectrum carries distinguished products for example Obagi®, SkinCeuticals, PCA SKIN®, Dr. Elaine’s, Matte for Men®, LaRoche Posay, and Colorescience, additionally with other products.

Microdermabrasion lightly polishes away a broken skin cells. It’s also accustomed to prime your skin for anything else for example our ultrasound technology, peels along with other laser and source of light treatment. Fraxel treatments enables for optimal treatment results.

Skins like the Obagi Blue Peel®, Mire Peel, Sensi Peel, Beta-Lift, and our docile light peels help fade freckles, sun spots, dark spots, along with other excess pigmentation to show clearer, more youthful-searching skin.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments lightly reduce excess pigmentation on sun uncovered parts of the body such as the face, neck, chest, hands, and arms. Additionally to treating liver spots this source of light treats redness, damaged bloodstream vessels, shrinks pore size, tightens skin, and can sort out acne and rosacea. You are able to achieve maximum benefits with a number of treatments.

Liver spots and hyperpigmentation treatment in tucson can sort out acne

Spectra Laser is really a treatment preferred by the spotty hormonal pigmentation referred to as melasma. Spectra treatments also aid with generalized pigmentation issues, redness, pore size, undesirable hair, acne, rosacea, and lightly tightens and refreshes your skin. It’s a favorite as there’s no downtime or healing time.

ActiveFX™ fractional laser light treatments and also the much deeper MaxFX™ laser resurfacing treatments balance out skin coloring by taking out the dull, broken, surface of skin. This laser may be the defacto standard for sun-damage reversal, including pre-dangerous skin cancers and dangerous skin cancers, scarring and texture treatment, redness, pore size, and wrinkles additionally to pigmentation issues. Laser hair removal does involve healing duration of 1-2 days.


Remove Brown Spots With This Simple Ingredient