Microdermabrasion are suggested

Procedure Benefits

  • Exfoliation
  • Smooths sun-broken skin
  • Refines skin texture
  • More even complexion
  • Improves mild acne

Private Consultation

Your individual skincare plan starts with a Visia Complexion Analysis, a photograph of the epidermis calculating tone, texture, wrinkles, pores, and sun spots. This is actually the first step toward your individualized skincare plan. The skin care specialist and physician will take a look at health background (including medicines) and lifestyle habits, after which discuss which remedies are suggested for your skin. A personalized plan is going to be produced for treatment times and using clinically-based homecare products.


To be able to assist the physicians and skincare specialist determine if you’re a good candidate for just about any peel, please advise them should you

  • Smoke
  • Take and have ever taken Accutane
  • Have past keloid formation
  • Use retinoids or any other topical medications
  • Are vulnerable to cold sore, fever blisters, or herpes

Procedure Overview

Your skin is cleansed and prepped to make sure smooth passing from the microdermabrasion handpiece within the treatment area. Because the special handpiece is passed across the skin, you might feel an easy prickling or stinging sensation. Oftentimes several pass can be used during treatment. The skin may go through warm after and during treatment. Your skin will be cleansed to get rid of excess particles and, as needed, yet another layering treatment methods are administered. Moisturizer and sun-protection are put on finish your treatment.

Recovery and Healing Time

No lower time is anticipated with this particular procedure. The skin may go through warm or tingly and become slightly red or pink, much like a sunburn. Some flakiness and dryness are feasible for a couple of days following the procedure. Moisturizing and avoidance of peeling any flaking skin are essential. Makeup could be worn soon after these treatments. Using daily sun block is important.

Procedure Risks

Microdermabrasion is milder kinds of skins, and has a reduced chance of complication. Risks include:

  • Alterations in pigmentation
  • Allergic attack
  • Infection for example fever blisters if prone
  • Scarring (rare)

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