Micropigmentation pre and publishcare forms – prettyology

Micropigmentation pre and publishcare forms – prettyology may have relating to

Even when you’ve had semi permanent makeup (micropigmentation) done previously, there’s information it’s important to know both pre and post your appointment.

These can be sure that the appointment itself and also the recovery process both go as easily as you possibly can.

Before your micropigmentation appointment around, please complete, sign and produce each one of the following forms along with you for your appointment:

  • Pre-Procedure Instructions
  • Client Consent Form
  • Client Medical Profile

Micropigmentation pre and publishcare forms – prettyology hesitate to call us with

Please also bring the shape(s) from the list below which are appropriate for your procedure:

  • Eyebrow Publish-Procedure Care & Healing Schedules
  • Eye liner Publish-Procedure Care & Healing Schedules
  • Lips Publish-Procedure Care & Healing Schedules
  • Scar & Areola Publish-Procedure Care & Healing Schedules

Please arrive 10-fifteen minutes before the first appointment.

Hopefully these can ease any concerns which you may have relating to this amazing beautifying service. Obviously we’re always here to reply to any queries or address curiosities to create your experience as enjoyable as you possibly can. Don’t hesitate to call us with any extra questions.

Best of Boston


Resourse: http://prettyology.com/permanent-makeup/

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