Omnilux technology according to narrowband led

Omnilux is really a technology according to narrowband led lights (LEDs). Each removable treatment mind delivers pure, enhanced, narrowband light using a matrix of LEDs carefully positioned to provide light towards the treatment area. The sunshine therapy combines blue LEDs and red LEDs to eliminate the bacteria accountable for the soreness of acne, while stimulating cell growth. Omnilux is made to benefit people with mild to moderate inflammatory acne. 

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So How Exactly Does Omnilux Work?

P.acnes (propionibacterium) produces natural chemicals known as poryphyrins that are responsive to light at different wavelengths. The Omnilux neutralizes p.acnes that triggers redness and inflammation.


Safety eyewear is going to be presented to put on during treatment. You’ll experience a sense of relaxation after and during treatment. Each treatment lasts roughly twenty minutes.


The sunshine stimulates natural processes which go on following the treatment has stopped. Patients notice a 70-80% loss of acne lesions. A number of 8 is suggested for max results. Visible results is visible between 4-8 days after treatment.

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Following treatment, you might resume normal activities. Make sure to apply sun block daily and steer clear of excessive exposure to the sun.

The Omnilux Brought Light Box Therapy is just offered at our Burbank location.

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Omnilux soreness of acne, while

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