“Penis facials” are hollywood’s favorite new beauty trend yes really

The weird beauty practices from the Hollywood elite have grown to be so bizarre they seem like parodies of themselves. Think bird poo and placenta facials, snake venom eye cream, and being stung by bees. Yet, the most recent trend seems to start out a step further. Cate Blanchett credits her youthful glow to some treatment that utilizes the foreskins of Korean newborns. Also known as, a penis facial.

"[We] saw this facialist in New You are able to, Georgia Louise, and she or he gives what we should call your penis facial," Blanchett told Vogue Australia. "It’s something – I do not know what it’s, or if it’s just cause it smells similar to sperm – there’s some enzyme inside it so Sandy describes it as being your penis facial."

The Sandy she describes here’s her Ocean’s 8 co-star Sandra Bullock, a lady not new to everything about unusual anti-aging treatments. In the end, she regularly applies hemorrhoid cream to her under-eye place to reduce puffiness.

But to your penis facial. Just what performs this special therapy involve?

Well, to begin with, it isn’t really known as a “penis facial”. On the organization website, it is going by an even more palatable name: the Hollywood EGF facial. It calls for a cleanse, a rigorous TCA peel, micro-needling, an electrifying mask, and, finally, Food and drug administration-approved Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) serum.

“EGF comes from the progenitor cells from the human fibroblast obtained from Korean baby foreskin – which will help to create bovine collagen and elastin,” Louise explains. Therefore the EGF utilized in the therapy originates from skin cells created inside a lab. 

“FDA approved stem cells and peptides are permeated deep in to the skin utilizing a special electric micro-needling wand. This method enables the ingredients to become transported deep within the skin by creating temporary micro-funnel.”

Everything sounds very sciencey, but exactly how effective could it be really?

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‘Penis Facials’ Are Hollywood’s Favorite New Beauty Trend, Yes Really