Permanent constitute facial surgery center

Natural Splendor…Permanently

“Swim, exercise, shower, sleep and appear fresh, natural & kissable!”

You can now look wonderful as soon as you awaken before the moment you go to sleep.

The makeup solution for those who can’t put on conventional makeup because of allergic reactions or poor eyesight, or wish to simply begin your day with minimal effort and time. These procedures last a long time!

The Facial Surgery Center presenting Permanent Make-up, or Micro-pigmentation. With this particular procedure we are able to enhance facial beauty and proper problematic issues by restoration or correction from the form of unflattering or missing eyebrows, accentuation of eyes, correction of lip asymmetries and improvement of the shape and size. Stretchmarks and scars could be camouflaged and areolas restored.

DeAnna Southerland is departing us to maneuver to Florida. She’ll be missed. You want her the very best in her own new endeavors.

We’ve been fortunate to possess found a really professional, dedicated and experienced Licensed Medical Esthetician who definitely are joining us in September.

Microbladed Eyebrows – creates beautiful, sculpted eyebrows which are dimensional, seem like hair, and also have a soft, natural look. Laser hair removal can last for three to five years, and it has revolutionized the way in which individuals with very faint or sparse eyebrows feel and look regarding their appearance.

Permanent Eye liner – select any color and regardless of whether you prefer thin, medium or heavy liner around your vision. This lasts 3-five years.

Lip Therapy – new lip treatments, without injections. Lips can look more full and symmetrical. Treatment adds volume and color which last 3-five years.

3D Lips – utilization of two different color selections making lips larger which last 3-five years.

Upper Eye lash Enhancement – more subtle than eye liner, making the lashes look thicker and larger. This lasts annually based on client’s exposure to the sun.

Scar Revisions a multi-treatment process could remove scars and stretchmarks out of your body. Many of the popular for facial scars.

Eye lash Lift – curls your lashes to ensure they are more visible and longer searching. Lasts 3 several weeks.

Semi Permanent Mascara – forget about clumps or mascara in your eyelids to wash away. All set to go eyes. Lasts 3 several weeks.

Areola Restoration – frequently used after breast renovation, reduction, or color enhancement.

Permanent makeup has existed for any lengthy time mainly utilized in renovation surgery approaches for cancer patients. It had been utilized included in breast renovation, eye brow restoration and also to camouflage scars. It’s yet another cosmetic option we felt would benefit both women and men. After many years of advancements, permanent cosmetic application has gone through some wonderful and exciting changes and developments. Beautiful customized color pigments are selected for the complexion and hair color. We custom blend color for everybody. Pigment is deposited underneath the skin to provide lengthy lasting color by using an electronic permanent make-up machine which results in a soft, natural searching shadow of color. Micro Pigment Implantation is hygienic and completely safe. New anesthetics and technique create a numbing effect for eyebrows, eyeliners and lips, that enables for applications with minimal discomfort. Refined techniques and condition from the art equipment help reduce time involved to do your procedure.

Who Advantages of Permanent Constitute? Men in addition to women

  • Busy individuals with very little time to use constitute
  • Individuals with allergic reactions to traditional constitute
  • Anybody who would like freedom from daily constitute application
  • Individuals who are involved in sports, etc.
  • Individuals with oily skin who have a tendency to shed constitute easily
  • Burn survivors and individuals with skin flaws
  • People with alopecia, vitiligo and trichotillomania
  • Women and men seeking correction of asymmetrical facial expression
  • Entertainers, actresses and models
  • Individuals who would like to look their finest all the time!



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