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The key of stunning great thing about leading models and actresses on the planet continues to be revealed: Semi Permanent and Permanent Makeup

Semi Permanent and Permanent Makeup are very popular procedures. These remedies are healthy choices for ladies who’ve constitute allergic reactions, have a problem applying cosmetics or put on cosmetics constantly. Also, women with health problems, for example alopecia or hair thinning from chemotherapy, could be helped by semi permanent or permanent constitute.

These remedies are perfectly safe and also have been approved by doctors, leading beauty therapists, celebrities and revered beauty authors. The makeup pigments used are constructed with natural iron oxide, it’s hypo-allergenic and you will find no fragrances or any other ingredients added. The outcomes could be from subtle to striking, based on your individual preference.

We provide a variety of semi permanent and permanent constitute treatments from very subtle eyeliners, eyebrows or lip liner treatment that should enhance and define your natural splendor.

Cost List

Eyeliners (top): $400.00

Eyeliners (bottom): $350.00

Eyeliners (bottom and top): $650.00

Eyebrows (powder look or feather look): $550.00

Eyebrows and Eye liner (bottom or top): $850.00

Lips/Lip liner: $500.00+

Colour correction/ edit: cost by consultation

Tattoo lightening/ removal: cost by consultation

Scalp/ bald place shading: cost by consultation

Areola tattoo (cancer of the breast treatment): cost by consultation

Permanent makeup vescada salon bloor cancer of the breastScar camouflage: cost by consultation

Please be aware: Prices susceptible to change without warning.







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