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Pigmentation / sundamage — freedom medihealth spa comprised of solar lentigenes

The aim of laser hair removal would be to literally make the more dark pigmented areas ie. Sun-damage, dark spots, etc, to get more dark and inflammed (sometimes blistered), consequently allowing that undesirable pigment to reduce and then leave behind a better lighter skin in it’s place. Usually within two to four days.

There are lots of kinds of pigmentation – Epidermal (superficial), Dermal (Deep)and Mixed Dermal/Epidermal.

Epidermal pigmentation is generally comprised of solar lentigenes and freckles. These are typically on the top of skin, and for that reason simpler to get rid of.

Dermal Pigmentation is situated in the Skin – much much deeper. Melasma is a great one of Dermal Pigmentation. The 1064nm Nd:YAG laser is most effective, because it is permeated in the greatest level.

Mixed Epidermal/Dermal Pigmentation is simply that, a mixture of both kinds of pigmentation.

Causes of Pigmentation:

  • Overexposure towards the sun. UVA/UVB sun rays cause trauma towards the skin, most of the time leading to undesirable liver spots
  • Hormonal – i.e. Melasma – brought on by oestrogen from pregnancy or even the pill
  • Skin Trauma – i.e. Acne


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