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Semi Permanent make-up also termed as permanent make-up and micropigmentation is really a delicate controlled approach to applying subtle micro insertions of pigment towards the skin. The process is comparable to standard tattooing, however natural and synthetics iron oxide colour pigments are utilized rather of carbon ink. The concept would be to forma gentle shadow of colour towards the skin achieving an all natural finish.

That has Semi Permanent Make-up?

  • Those who have very little time to applu conventional constitute.

  • Individuals with asymetric features like a finer top lip, larger bottom lip, uneven eyebrows or light eyebrow hair.

  • Individuals with allergic reactions to traditional constitute.

  • Sports enthusiasts

  • Burns survivors and individuals with flaws on their own skin.

  • Glasses wearers who've difficulty applying constitute.

  • Individuals with insufficient definition.

  • Alopecia suffers or cancer patients without any eyebrows or lashes.

  • Entertainers, actresses or models.

  • Anybody who would like freedom and convienience from daily constitute application.

  • Anybody who prefers searching their finest all the time.

What results can Semi Permanent Make-up achieve?

  • Brightening from the eyes by lengthening the feel of lashes and straightening eye contour and shape.

  • Balancing and framing the face area by thickening, shaping or perhaps redefining eyebrows.

  • Enriching a person's natural colour and form of lips to attain an exciting-day luscious pout.

  • Add a little bit of charm and uniqueness for your skin having a beauty mark.

Presently on Special!!

  • Eyebrows : £300

  • Lip Liner: £250

  • Lip Blush: £325

  • Full Lip: £375

  • Eye liner Bottom or top: £175 or Both £225

  • Eye lash Enhancement Bottom or top: £100 or both £125

  • Beauty Place: £50

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