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Sun spots these lesions

Sun spots (lentigos) are based on accrued sun-damage of your skin over one’s lifetime. Freckles, much like sun spots, indicate the skin’s defensive reaction to exposure to the sun.  Although freckles are frequently considered cute on children, many adults dislike the look of their freckled skin.  These spots lead towards the aged appearance of sun-broken skin.

The look of both sun spots and freckles could be reduced with pigment-specific lasers.  If you wish to reduce the look of these, schedule a consultation with our cosmetic dermatologists at the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery.

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Lentigos (Sun Spots)

Sun spots will also be known as lentigos due to their resemblance to lentils, that are small, tan/brown, and round/oblong fit. Those are the consequence of accrued sun-damage from the uncovered regions of skin, specially the face, chest, armband hands. They rise in number and size as we grow older, with respect to the person’s skin and the quantity of sunlight an individual has been exposed to through the years.

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Sun spots to lessen

The familiar freckle is really a small tan place that seems around the uncovered skin of fair-skinned, light-haired people like a protective reaction to sunlight. Individuals are born using the inclination to freckle, although nobody is really born with freckles. The spots usually appear when they are young, after exposure of your skin to sun.

Freckles and sun spots need to be carefully evaluated with a board-certified skin doctor before treatment since some kinds of dangerous skin cancers are extremely similar to look at. Pigment-specific lasers may be used to lessen the brown colour of these lesions.

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Freckles, Age Spots, Sun spots: Q&A with a dermatologist 🙂🌞🤔