SundamageOrunequal pigmentation

SundamageOrunequal pigmentation minimized with laser light treatments

Based on the American Academy of Skin care (AAD), there isn’t any such factor like a safe tan. While a tiny bit of exposure to the sun will work for us, prolonged and existence-lengthy exposure to the sun damages your skin. The outcomes of sun-damage include premature wrinkling, dark spots and textural changes which will make you appear over the age of you’re really.

Basically we can’t reverse the time, sun-damage and uneven pigmentation could be considerably improved. The end result for you personally is really a more youthful, more invigorated appearance.

So what can I actually do to reverse signs of sun-damage and uneven pigmentation?

Our dermatologists provide a range treatments which help repair facial sun-damage that seems as wrinkles and fine lines, in addition to uneven pigmentation referred to as liver spots, melasma, large freckles, “age spots,” and “liver spots”. Liver spots might be given prescription-strength bleaching creams or, for additional rapid and efficient results, with skins or pigment lasers that concentrate on melanin within the skin. Patients might have the arrogance their treatment methods are supervised with a board-certified skin doctor which our outstanding answers are proven by a large number of satisfied patients from Charlotte now, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Clover, Indian Land, and Lancaster.

Liver Spots

Brown SpotsSun-damage is frequently by means of liver spots for example melasma, large freckles, and "dark spots", which may be treatable and minimized with laser light treatments and skins. Melasma, sometimes known as the “mask of being pregnant,” is a very common skin ailment that triggers brown to grey-brown patches around the sun-uncovered areas of your skin, normally the face. 90 percent of sufferers are women.

Red Spots

Red SpotsRed spots can result from damaged capillaries, cherry angiomas or telangiectasias. And while they’re usually medically minor, they might be cosmetically annoying. They’re common and could be removed having a special kind of laser.

SundamageOrunequal pigmentation brown to grey

To acquire more information regarding how to prevent additional sun-damage, please click the link towards the American Academy of Dermatology’s strategies for sun-protection.

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