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Surgical protocoll fue hair transplantation prp plazma bovine collagen therapy physician hair clinic and unpredicted causes

Cancelling a scheduled surgical treatment is only possible via e-mail.

Check two times your day confirmed through the booking, when the reservation is canceled, the deposit cannot be came back, we’re not able to claim it to repay. Within this situation the individual has under your own accord resigned or canceled the surgical time the deposit is going to be completely lost.

The clinic isn’t obligated to pay back the compensated deposit.

When the patient has compensated the surgical deposit towards the surgery suggested for the confirmation day / days, the requested date cannot be altered any longer.

Typically, a brand new surgical time are only able to be requested with another payment.

Exception as outlined above:

When the surgical treatment is canceled because: unpredicted disease, an inevitable obstacle is serious for any problem, which is made by appropriate medical (doctor, specialist, hospital final report) or any other official documentary evidence, it will likely be surgically operative You are able to improve your date one time without getting to get rid of your compensated deposit.

The brand new date should be within 2 several weeks in the date of deferment.

Repeat date beyond 2 several weeks (including modification or new time request) the individual is obliged to pay for another deposit.

A brand new surgical time is just readily available for a brand new duration of payment with different valid cost list.

For the reason that situation when the clinic is avoided for unforeseen reasons in transporting out his responsibilities as well as for other inevitable and unpredicted causes of his patients you won’t be in a position to receive in the pre-booked surgery time, as well as in any situation notice towards the affected patient (s). The clear way of the notification is e-mail or phone .

Cellular the level from the problem that hinders the supply from the service, the clinic is worried it provides three alternate occasions for that surgery. When the patient a don’t accept the occasions offered, the clinic isn’t needed to submit any more offer which claims that the surgical time is regarded as canceled with a patient along with a the deposit sheds. In our situation, a person’s deposit cannot be came back. By having to pay the deposit, the individual expresses these details entirely he understands the truth that he understands and recognizes themself as compulsory, in addition to the clinic in compliance with this particular information no claim for damages.

Civil law section 6:185 [Serious money]

(1) An amount of money deposited using the other party will be construed as serious money if presented to evidence commitment and when this intention is specifically suggested for anything.

(2) When the contract is conducted the serious money will be credited towards the amount payable. When the contract doesn’t happen for reasons due to neither or each of the parties, the serious money will be came back.

(3) The individual accountable for the failure of performance shall forfeit the serious money he has provided, or he shall refund two times the quantity of the serious money he’s received.

(4) Forfeiture from the serious money or even the double repayment shall not constitute an exemption in the effects of non-performance. The quantity of the serious money will be credited towards the contractual penalty and compensation.

(5) An excessive deposit of serious money might be reduced by court in the obligor’s request.

BY Having to pay THE Serious MONEY PATIENT ACCEPTS THE CLINICS Conditions And Terms Around The Serious MONEY As Well As On THE SCHEDULING, CANCELLING, OR Altering From The DATE Of The SURGERY.
WE KINDLY Request You To ARRIVE Promptly At The Time From The SURGERY (9 AM CET).




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