The caci ultra machine and it is benefits

The caci ultra machine and it is benefits This pushes skin impurities

The CACI Ultra machine can be used to do an more and more popular cosmetic treatment generally referred to as a “non-surgical facelift.”

This product uses condition-of-the-art technology to melt wrinkles and lines, reduce sun-damage and skin congestion, and hydrate, tighten, and tone the face area. This single machine combines four separate technologies for cutting-edge, rejuvenating facial treatments. Dr. Kimberly Lee is really a highly-rated Beverly Hillsides cosmetic surgeon who performs a variety of surgical and non-surgical facial procedures. She provides CACI Ultra treatments to her patients who would like a fresher, youthful countenance without going under the knife.

What’s the CACI Ultra System?

CACI Ultra is really a multifunctional system that mixes facial toning and skin regenerating applications. It has a wrinkle comb applicator which is used to melt deep wrinkles and lines like a non-invasive, needle-free option to injectable dermal fillers.

CACI treatments happen to be publically recognized by celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Sadie Frost. The CACI Ultra machine incorporates latest generation aesthetic technologies in a single condition-of-the-art device.


Fraxel treatments uses microcurrent stimulation to provide small impulses which are virtually sub-physical, causing merely a slight experience of electrical tingling. The small impulses mirror our body’s bio-electrical field. Microcurrent therapy, initially designed to treat facial palsy, has been discovered to possess several cosmetic benefits. Its effects are generally referred to as facial toning or non-surgical face lifting.

Ultrasound Peel

Ultrasound peeling is really a gentler, less abrasive option to microdermabrasion. CACI Ultra ultrasound peeling utilizes a handpiece with ceramic/quarta movement heads that vibrates onto the skin surface at 27,000 vibrations per second. This pushes skin impurities towards the surface, dislodges the dead skin cells, and kills bacteria onto the skin. The handpiece will be accustomed to deep neat and lightly exfoliate.


A hydrating, electrically conductive plastic gel mask is coupled with microcurrent rollers within this treatment. The rollers lightly massage the face area, which in turn causes the mask to get electrically billed with rejuvenating energy, which fits to revive tone and firmness from the face muscles. The power generated within the treatment drives the hydrating actives within the gel mask deep in to the skin, for dramatic softening that smoothes deep wrinkles and lines.

Brought Light Box Therapy

Phototherapy is using various light colors to deal with mental and physical conditions. Each color wave length of sunshine includes a specific frequency vibration. Certain wavelengths possess a bio-stimulatory impact on cells and may be used to normalize imbalances and treat certain skin disorders.

Studies have proven that red Brought light increases fibroblast (the cell that creates bovine collagen along with other fibers) activity, enhances DNA (deoxyribonucleic acidity) synthesis, and promotes manufacture of new bovine collagen. A mix of blue and red light box therapy has been shown effective in treating acne. The CACI Ultra incorporates technology for blue and red Brought light box therapy.

The CACI Ultra machine can be used to do non-surgical facial treatments that lift and tone face muscles, trigger bovine collagen and elastin production, and lower the look of wrinkles and fine lines. Plan a personalized consultation with Dr. Lee to understand more about what CACI Ultra treatment can perform for you personally.


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