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Q: Should i do anything whatsoever to organize in my appointment?

A: A detailed shave is needed for those laser light treatments. It is advisable to shave

the night time before your treatment therefore the skin has time for you to get over irritation

brought on by the razor. It’s also essential that you avoid tweezing and

waxing not less than three days before your appointment. These laser hair removal

methods take away the hair, which can make the laser light treatments less efficient.


What must i avoid before cure?

A: To become given a laser you will have to avoid exposure to the sun

and self tanners for many days before your treatment. It’s important

that you’re not tan and do not intend on becoming tan during your

treatments. You must also avoid antibiotics for just two days before

your treatment. Some antibiotics can lead you to become photosensitive

which could therefore cause complications together with your laser light treatments.


Is Laser Treatment safe for those skin tones?

A: Yes! Laser Treatment is effective and safe for those skin tones. We’ve

two condition from the art technologies to higher serve our clients. The

Lumenis Lightsheer Duet is really a Diode Laser that’s phenomonal for offering fast, effective treatments

for those skin tones. With this particular device we advise 6 to 9 treating

clients with lighter to medium skin tones and 9 to 12 strategy to clients

with more dark skin tones. The

Cutera CoolGlide Yag has the capacity to treat our clients with more dark skin within 6 to 9 treatments.

A specialist might point to one device within the other to make sure optimal results.

Q: Is laser treatment suitable for me?

A: Laser Treatment is a superb treatment choice for clients with dark,

course hair. However, even clients with fine hair will get great outcomes.

The most crucial element in figuring out candidacy is whether or not there’s

enough pigment within the hair receiving treatment. For instance someone with blond,

red or grey hair might not be a perfect candidate. Should you aren’t sure

if you’re a good candidate for laser treatment, please call us

to plan your complimentary consultation.

Q: What must i be prepared to happen after and during my treatment?

A: Our condition from the art lasers provide fast and effective treatments. It

takes only fifteen minutes to deal with your bikini and underarms and just twenty minutes

to deal with your full legs! It seems like a small rubberband snap around the

skin but any discomfort you are feeling won’t linger. You might be a rather

red and have minor welting towards the areas receiving treatment. This can ususally

subside within 24 hrs. Your specialist may recommend the application of

aloe towards the areas. With every treatment you will see that your hair will

start to re-grow much slower and also the hair is going to be much finer. Eventually

your hair won’t keep growing!

Q: Just how much does laser treatment cost?

A: The price of the therapy depends upon how big the therapy area. Most

customers are shocked to uncover precisely how affordable permanent laser hair removal

could be. We give discounts when clients purchase a number of 6 treatments,

so we offer flexible in-house payment plans.

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