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Our company specializes in Massage Therapy to treat musculoskeletal ailments associated with chronic and acute discomfort, stress, tension, and injuries.

At the beginning of your appointment, your counselor will expend a couple of minutes asking about the thing you need treated and which kind of massage you’re wanting. After that, the counselor will tailor your session according to your demands and just what they find during treatment. A few of the massage types/techniques utilized include:

• Swedish & Relaxation Massage

• Sports Massage & Myofascial Release

• Trigger Point Therapy

• Sports & Recovery Massage

• Prenatal & Pregnancy Massage

• Aroma therapy

• Craniosacral

• Reflexology

• Reiki Energy Healing

Phone: 706-542-8634


Monday – Friday, 8 am- 5 pm

Closed from 12:00 noon – 1 pm


Therapeutic Massage is situated inside the Physical Rehabilitation Department around the bottom floor from the College Health Center.


Services are for sale to UGA students, faculty/staff, as well as their spouses/domestic partners.


Therapeutic Massage can be obtained by appointment only every day. Appointments might be scheduled by calling 706-542-8634 or online.

Missed Appointments

Massage appointments are restricted to a particular client. We request the thanks to a 24-hour working day cancellation notice. No shows or cancellations of under 24 hrs are susceptible to a $30 fee.

Late arrivals

Late arrivals won’t get an extension of scheduled services unless of course schedule permits. Late arrivals will result in full-service costs.


UGA students who’ve compensated their own health Fee spend the money for “Fees Paid” rate (FP). Students who’ve not compensated the Fee, spouses/partners, and Faculty/Staff pays the “Non-Charges Paid” rate:

25 minutes: $30 (FP) / $40 (NFP)

50 minutes: $55 (FP) / $65 (NFP)

Referrals / Medical Health Insurance

A clinical provider may prescribe massage therapy, if considered medically necessary. The prescription enables the appointment bill to become filed for your insurance. The UHC will file your charges together with your medical health insurance. However, your coverage depends upon your particular insurance/plan. Please contact insurance companies to inquire what could be covered.

For prices and much more information, please call 706-542-8634.

No referral needed unless of course utilizing medical health insuranceOrcost savings take into account payment.

College health center massage therapyuniversity health center The UHC

Package Prices:

Packages can be used out of the box, not combined or separate. Packages of threeOr5 expire six-several weeks from purchase date. Packages of 10 expire one-year from purchase date.

Three 25 minute massage sessions: ($85 FP)/$115

Five 25 minute massage sessions: ($135 FP)/$180

Ten 25 minute massage sessions: ($225 FP)/$340

Three 50 minute massage sessions: ($150 FP)/$175

Five 50 minute massage sessions: ($235 FP)/$275

Ten 50 minute massage sessions: ($440 FP)/$520

Gift Cards are for sale to purchase within the Physical RehabilitationOrTherapeutic massage Therapy Clinic (706-542-8634) or in the Cashier’s desk (706-542-8621).

What’s Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic massage is really a general term for health insurance and healing practices involving touch and movement. It’s a profession where the specialist applies manual techniques, and could apply adjunctive therapies, using the aim of positively affecting the and well-being from the client.

What to anticipate

The massage counselor will take a look at signs and symptoms and requires and can request information regarding your problem and condition. A number of massage techniques are utilized to reduce tension and discomfort, improve bloodstream flow, relax muscles, and supply a feeling of wellness and relaxation.

Privacy: Before your session, you’ll be requested to go in the area, undress (around you’re confident with: many people undress lower for their under garments), lay around the massage table, and lay a sheet outrageous of the body. The counselor uses a sheet to drape you throughout the session to supply coverage and be sure that modesty is respected. Following the session has ended, you’ll be provided privacy whilst getting outfitted.

How you can Make the most of Your Massage

  • Don’t eat right before a massage session. The body must have time for you to digest.
  • Perform time. It is extremely hard to relax should you get to a rushed condition.
  • Play the role of open-minded and receptive towards the massage counselor and session.
  • Allow the massage counselor know your expectations and causes of the massage.
  • For those who have a desire, talk to the counselor if you want to speak or choose to remain silent on your massage.
  • Provide feedback towards the massage counselor counseling on preferences.
  • Breathing correctly allows us to relax, so attempt to breathe normally.
  • Stay well hydrated after your massage this can help to purge away any toxins released out of your soft tissue.
  • Spend some time when getting out of bed from the massage. Try to take your feelings, the results from the session, and make certain you aren’t dizzy or light-headed.

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