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Dark spotsOrsunlight damage Can There Be Any Downtime

What To Anticipate On Your Treatment

Your personal doctor will start treatment by making use of the laser energy for your skin. You’ll hear slight snapping sounds once the laser is fired and could feel a small tingling or warmth. Your personal doctor could make multiple passes over the skin using the laser during each treatment.

The Number Of Treatments Should I Have?

Treating pigment within tissue is really a gradual procedure that requires multiple sessions to create effective, lengthy-lasting results. The amount of sessions needed depends upon the seriousness of your problem. Your personal doctor will recommend cure course that suits your problem. Typically it requires between 1-3 treating the best results.

Can There Be Any Downtime?

Without any downtime and minimal negative effects, you might immediately go back to your everyday activities. Ask your physician about scheduling your Spectra procedure today.

Will a Spectra Treatment Hurt?

Nearly all patients report no discomfort, they merely notice a slight warming of the skin along with a light prickling feeling. Typically, no anesthesia or topical is required.

So What Can I Actually Do To Prevent Sun-damage?

The main factor you could do is to safeguard the skin in the sun whatsoever occasions. Sun block, Ultra violet blocking clothing and remaining from the sun are a few methods for you to safeguard yourself.

Results You Can Observe

Melasma & PIH*

Thanks to Dr. Matthew Werner, USA

Dark spotsOrsunlight damage Thanks to


Thanks to Matthew Werner, MD, USA


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Thanks to Dr. John Shieh, USA

Resourse: https://us.aesthetic.lutronic.com/us/patients/conditions/age-spots/

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