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Regularly shaving and waxing undesirable hair could be time intensive, costly and may even irritate the skin. If you’re searching for any more permanent laser hair removal solution, Eskra Cosmetic Surgery offers laser treatment for women and men in Goldsboro, NC. Red carpet treatments of just ten minutes, you’ll have smooth, hairless skin that lasts.

Dr. Eskra provides laser treatment procedures for an additional sections of the body in Goldsboro:

  • Hair on your face removal
  • Back laser hair removal
  • Underarm laser hair removal
  • Laser treatment goldsboro nc understand more

  • Bikini line laser hair removal
  • Chest laser hair removal
  • Leg laser hair removal
  • Arm laser hair removal
  • And much more

Try Our Goldsboro Permanent Laser Hair Removal Procedure

With GentleLase Pro®, laser treatment is much more convenient and comfortable than ever before. GentleLase Pro cools the skin through the procedure, so most clients feel merely a cooling sensation around the area receiving treatment. Eskra Cosmetic Surgery offers six sessions that just take ten minutes each, making laser treatment simple to squeeze into your schedule. Regardless of whether you want smooth legs or want to remove embarrassing hair on your face, you could get your preferred results in a couple of days.

Never need to Shave Again with the aid of Eskra Cosmetic Surgery

At Eskra Cosmetic Surgery, you want to make certain you get the best kind of skin cosmetic surgery for you personally. Schedule your free initial consultation with Dr. Eskra today to find out if our laser treatment procedure is the greatest option for you. Call us at 919.587.4400 to understand more about our non-invasive cosmetic plastic surgeries.

Eskra Cosmetic Surgery offers laser treatment in Goldsboro, NC for women and men throughout Eastern New York.