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Massages fort collins as reducing

Book Now on!Raintree Sports Club is proud to provide Radiant Balance Massage among our wellness services – trying to balance the mind and body with a mix of personalized treatments made to fit everyone.

Everyone knows that massage is relaxing, but are you aware that massage is advantageous to each major system in your body? It lowers bloodstream pressure, improves circulation, relieves discomfort, can help you sleep, can alleviate discomfort connected with scarring, increases flexibility in stiff joints and reduces inflammation, amongst other things.

Complimentary Childcare on your massage! One less factor to bother with. Fall off your kids within our Childcare “The Treehouse” while you enjoy your massage free of charge. Make sure to check our Treehouse Hrs when booking your massage.

Gift certificates are for sale to purchase in front desk and could be packed with anywhere and used towards any massage service

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Massage Hrs

Monday-Friday: 7:00am – 9:00pm

Saturday-Sunday: 8:00am – 9:00pm

Massage Options & Prices

Relaxation Massage

Our therapists use each client to produce a tailored massage, giving probably the most advantageous experience for everybody.

  • half an hour: $40 an hour: $65 1 hour 30 minutes: $95

Sports Massage

Sports massage uses strategies to remove severe and chronic tension within the much deeper tissue structures from the muscle and fascia, also known as ligament.

  • Massages fort collins mix of personalized treatments madehalf an hour: $45 an hour: $70 1 hour 30 minutes: $100

Prenatal Massage

This can be a very relaxing massage for that expecting mother. Prenatal massage relies most of the normal discomforts experienced while pregnant, for example backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and edema (or swelling). Doctors not might be needed just before massage.

  • half an hour: $45 an hour: $70 1 hour 30 minutes: $100

Hot Stone Massage

A deeply relaxing massage treatment that soothes frazzled nerves, relieves aching joints and tight muscles. The nice and cozy, wet, penetrating heat from the gemstones seeps into every layer from the body among our skilled therapists works the redness and tension away.

  • an hour: $80 1 hour 30 minutes: $110

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is definitely an ancient energy based healing system that mixes acupressure, reflexology, and aided yoga postures. No oils or lotions are utilized and also the recipient remains dressed throughout a treatment. Your body is compressed, pulled, and extended to be able to obvious energy blockages as well as reducing tension.

  • an hour: $75 1 hour 30 minutes: $105

Massage Cupping

Massage cupping utilizes gentle suction cups onto the skin to get rid of inflammation and toxins, soften ligament and release tension “knots”. Cupping can sort out scarring tension headaches & back discomfort anxiety fibromyalgia gout/joint disease.

  • Cupping can be included to any Sports Massage with Erin Mader.

Massage Packages

Package prices is perfect for 6 massages. Sports Massage packages can be utilized for NMRT and Prenatal Massage. All packages exclude Hot Stone & Thai Massage.

half hour Massages

  • Relaxation* six pack: $216/people, $228/non-people

  • Sports six pack: $243/people, $256.50/non-people

1 hour Massages

  • Relaxation* six pack: $351/people, $370.50/non-people

  • Sports six pack: $378/people, $399/non-people

90 Minute Massages

  • Relaxation* six pack: $513/people, $541.50/non-people

  • Sports six pack: $540/people, $570/non-people

*Relaxation massages exclude hot stone, NMRT, & sports massages.

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Massage Therapists


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