Waxing 101 — eve salon

Waxing 101 — eve salon better results

How you can Prepare, What to anticipate During, &

After Care

Whether you’re the initial waxee or perhaps a veteran, the

following pointers will make your experience at Eve a far more comfortable

one, which help to achieve and keep better results!

How You Can Prepare:

Allow It To Grow, Allow It To

Grow, Allow It To Grow!

This can be

uncomfortable for individuals getting waxed the very first time, but resist that urge

to shave! Hair should be a minimum of ¼ of the

inch lengthy to be able to wax, longer for several hair types. Please avoid shaving for a few

days just before your appointment.

Don’t Place the Lotion

on the skin

At the time you wax, don’t

moisturize. Wax works more effectively with dry,

oil-free skin.


At the time you wax, DO

shower! Wax stays with dirt in addition to

skin and hair. (If you are getting a bikini

service performed, we all do have intimate wipes available to buy in front desk to assist renew,

just in situation.)

Just Breathe


fitting, breathable fabrics are the most useful stuff you can put on publish-wax. Avoid anything too tight, it might

cause irritation.


make sure to breathe! It’s natural to become

nervous, but it’s likely to be over shortly and you’re likely to love the


On Your Wax

Wax On, Wax Off

Our waxes are carried out privately rooms by our

licensed, experienced wax technicians.

Please question them any queries you might have – take it easy, they’ve heard

everything! They’ll help guide to you thru

Waxing 101 — eve salon wipes available to buyyour merchandise. Just breathe

and relax.

Eve operates within strict no double-dipping policy. (Each wax stick is dipped in to the wax pot only

once, therefore eliminating mix-contamination.)

If at any time you’re unduly uncomfortable, please speak

up. Communication is essential, and

your comfort is our primary concern.


Love Me Tender

After waxing, the skin could be tender and inflammed and can

have to be babied for any day approximately. We

recommend the following advice:

  • Avoid hot

    water around the recently waxed area, and certainly no hot baths unless of course everything’s

    calmed lower.

  • Avoid

    tanning or sunbathing not less than 24 hrs after waxing, out on another your investment


  • No steam

    rooms or saunas for twenty-four hrs.

  • Certain skincare

    products that contains acidity ought to be prevented not less than 48 hrs. Steer obvious of glycolic acidity, alpha-hydroxy acidity, salicylic acidity, or anything with "acidity" within the ingredients.

With waxing, there’s always possible of irritation,

rashes, or minor bumps, especially on individuals with super-sensitive skin. Over-the-counter remedies for example natural aloe-vera

gel or hydrocortisone can help treat many of these problems. Should you experience any reaction that concerns

you, please speak to your skin doctor immediately.

Resourse: http://evesalon.new york city/waxing-101/
Waxing 101 — eve salon How you can